Someone’s Gotta Give

What does it take for all of us to step out of ourselves long enough to look around and see what’s really going on out there? I’m talking about our neighborhood. Our community. And the people who are really struggling. Are you helping those in need? Are you helping to support those programs, services and causes that are often the only resources these people have?

To be honest, I’ve been pretty lame about it. I guess I’ve just gotten too busy with my own life challenges with children, family, work and friends to take the time to help. But you know, that’s no excuse. Something’s gotta give. And when that doesn’t work, that means someone’s gotta give here. And those someone’s should be all of us in my opinion. Why? Because we just should. It’s the compassionate thing to do. And you never know when life will throw the “turn on a dime” move, where we suddenly end up “there” – in a place we never expected to land.

So here’s a challenge for all of you: Take a first step and help one organization or charity before the year is over. And then don’t stop when the holiday season ends. Each month, give one more time again – in some way. Through a monetary donation, volunteer effort or providing clothing and toiletries for people in need.

And listen to our radio podcast this week featuring Childhelp – a national organization dedicated to preventing child abuse and offering great resources and programs to help educate parents and children. Someone’s Gotta Give. That giver would be you. Happy Holidays and cheers to the spirit of the season!

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Heidi Foglesong

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