Resolutions are for suckers; they’re simply a wish. Save your wishes for blowing out your birthday candles. Instead of simply making a resolution, how ’bout you resolve to doing something different and commit to an intentional process that will make you better. That’s exactly why I created the online group coaching community, Nuts and Bolts: of Self Awareness – it’s a tribe of people working to make life more than just wishes.

I am excited to have you join us, January 18th at 6:00pm MST.

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Daune Thompson

About Daune Thompson

Daune Thompson tells others what she does for a living is a “Demolition Specialist”. Hard to believe this petite 5’2 woman is such a powerhouse until she redirects clients from road blocks back to living the life they deserve. She has a passion to inspire and on a mission to raise self-worth. Visit Daune's website at Daune Teaches - “How to Detox Your Drama” How you interact or react to relationships with others, whether it’s your business partners, personal partners, parents, siblings or children is directly connected to how you feel about yourself. Throughout life we unconsciously drag pieces of luggage carrying unresolved issues to all areas of life, interrupting our inner compass. By viewing pressure as a gift, developing greater self-awareness and implementing self-love, you can detox drama and create a more effective and successful life.