Take an inventory ladies. What are you spending your money on and how can you shift the way you spend to recharge your finances on the savings side? Well, that’s a no brainer. Stop shopping the old school way! Regular department stores, compulsive “gotta have to feel better” shopping habits and shopping for everything when “you’ve got the time after work” or “just feel like it” syndrome. Oh no. Let’s correct to recharge which will require a shift in your daily routine and mind set.

First, assess what you have – in your closet, on your accessory list and in the rest of your home. You don’t need another “cute outfit” or darling candelabra for the patio or new gizmo for your home office. Stop. Assess. Purge what you have and go to a second hand store to sell. Don’t shop the typical sales media campaign – “you get three for the price of one!” You don’t need three. Shop off season and discount stores. You can great quality for often half the price of regular retail. Say no to the need for a “reward” because “I’ve had a hard week” buy. Also, get smart and “bulk” minded when it comes to grocery store shopping. Organize and do one trip weekly – not every few days.

Mindful spending, artful savings will recharge your financial portfolio and make you feel proud about you! O.k. go get a little treat – you did well, you deserve it! Uh, by the way, ten dollar max price point on the treat ladies.

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Heidi Foglesong

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