To truly reinvent yourself, it takes strength, gumption, and guts. But I’m adding beauty to that list because the new you literally needs to put your best face forward.

Enter Odacite, a skin care line that does just that. Addressing everything from broken capillaries, sagging skin, pimples, to deep wrinkles— they literally have a serum for every one of your problems. If you’re like me and spent way too many hours in the sun with the baby oil and sun reflector, you can safely peel away the years of brown spots and discoloration without heading to the derm’s office to have your skin burned off or worse— risking your health by putting on a carcinogen-based cream. Instead, Odacite’s sun damage kit made from wild carrot, papaya and blueberry oils will dissolve those awful brown spots as well as prevent any future spots. The kit also comes with a gentle exfoliator to remove the dead skin cells, prepping the skin for the serum to kick butt against the sun damage.


But the even bigger story here comes from the founder, Valerie Grandury. Back in 2004, Valerie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Valerie like many women used the typical chemical-based skincare products on her body daily. But like many on the heels of a health crisis, she decided to become toxic free from head to toe. Once cancer was in her rearview mirror, Valerie began custom blending serums for her friends and family. Word of the products grew and demand increased so Odacite was born. Although Valerie’s story had a happy ending and she turned a negative into a positive, the take away here is way too many women wait until a health crisis occurs to make the change in using non-toxic personal care products.
Starting today as you reinvent yourself, consciously make the decision to rid the toxic products you put on your skin daily. I promise, you will discover a healthier and prettier new you.
And remember– reinventing yourself is a process. So make those small changes day by day.

Naturally in your health,


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