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Are you prepared financially? Do you have that safety net to fall back on? Could you use a passive income to supplement your current budget? Could you use a little cash flow for those little extras?  How I about I teach you to market online in the easiest, least expensive and evergreen method I know.

We talked about online Marketing in the past now we are going to break it down.

So what do you need to start an online store? A website for one and a domain name that is definitive of the type of product(s) you will offer and a hosting account to house your store/website. How do I make money from a website? First off, there are two types I want you to consider. First type is a lead based website that you host providing leads to other businesses. For example, a website in the Real Estate niche. You have a website that tells all about real estate in your area, the local attractions, restaurants and everything that would make your area attractive to potential home buyers. It is your job to pre-sell (only from the information you provide on your website, you need never make direct contact with and interested parties).

Now, you have these leads interested and it’s time to monetize the lead. There are many tracking programs that can be incorporated into your site. You are in the business of providing leads to companies and real estate companies in particular are willing to pay well for these potential buyers. With a tracking program you can track how many leads click through the links on your site to a particular real estate agency. These companies aren’t paying for sales, they are simply paying for leads. I have seen lead sites pulling $50-$80 per lead in some instances.

With the exception of updating your site with the latest news and local offers, this is pretty much a “hands off’ business opportunity. Whether you choose to use software to track leads or feel you would like to contact the businesses directly is your choice.
Next time, we will discuss how to approach an Affiliate website, without your own product and without constant maintenance. There are many opportunities out there!


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Chuck Manos is a valley native and the co-owner/managing partner of The Business Edge, LLC / Superstition SEO. Chuck comes to us with nearly 20 years’ experience in web design and SEO (search engine optimization). Superstition SEO’s main focus is on small business, understanding the day to day challenges of small business marketing, particularly online. You can contact Chuck at !