Feel Safe Reliving the 1940s

FDR said, “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.” However, I would add that we must fear something, fear ignorance and be counted upon to learn the truth.

For me it’s the early 1940s’ all over again. My memory shifts to…

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”
Franklin Delano Roosevelt

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

…memories that made me feel safe and self-reliant.

When the 2nd World war began, our Japanese next-door neighbors became “enemies” and our German deli became a warehouse for delicious but scary sausage. We sat by the radio and listened to President Franklin D. Roosevelt give his “Fireside Chats” and felt a USA unity that cannot be identified today.

In today’s American political fear-mongering and fantasizing by the Republican presidential candidates we see a loss of face and grace in the international community of nations. Shame on us.

This is a time to find unity in our US heritage and our neighbors: Respect differences in fellow Americans religious beliefs. This is not the time to see every American Muslim family as a terrorist threat. Back in the 1940’s every Japanese American Family was not allied to Japan when Japan attacked Hawaii in 1941 and fear put Americans of Japanese descent into internment camps without proof of guilt. That was a terrible mistake. We are on the brink of repeating that serious blunder again.

If we card all Muslims and ghetto them, we breed terrorists. We may create our worst fears in the reactions of the younger generation in the Muslim US community. There are extremists in all religions and beliefs. However, not every Muslim is an extremist. Not every politician is a fear-monger. As individuals we must be discerning and from the truth find our personal “feel-safe”beliefs.

With the word ‘war’ resounding world-wide, the time has come to seek out truths. For me, safety is in broad-scoped knowledge, self -awareness and confidence in my ability to weed out the true from the false. Be it ISIS propaganda, Ben Carson rule-by-religion or the Tea Party narrow-mindedness, please, do not suffer the foolish by reacting to false alarms, self-serving narcissists or unrealistic threats and ignorant solutions. Take each day’s world and political news information as facts to be checked. Be part of the solution not the problem.

Use your sixth sense and Google searches to rule out the false alarms. Trust yourself, vote your intellect and your personal reality. Contribute to world sanity by independently researching media reports. Fear mongers exaggerations and fantasies should not shake your personal“feel-safe: beliefs.

For me it’s the 1940s all over again plus the unreliable social network and minus the unity of the American people. And, I feel safe knowing from experience that “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Any questions? Please talk. I’m listening.

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The Holidays Then and Now

When the children were toy magnates and started making their Santa lists while eating Thanksgiving turkey, holidays were cheerily frenetic. The tree went up right after the turkey carcass was scraped clean to the bone. The veggie plumped turkey soup was put on the gas burning stove to simmer overnight. With the unforgettable gobbler aroma and Christmas carols blaring throughout the house, the holidays began.

The week before Christmas everyone had gift-giving secrets. Plans for family gatherings, shopping trips to the discount mall and package wrapping late at night kept grownups busy. Children repeated their Christmas lists at breakfast, lunch and dinner and with each new TV commercial, the lists grew. From Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve nobody argued or seemed to be mean-spirited.

The holidays brought peace to the family room and the kitchen. Christmas morning was happy, delicious chaos. I relive the joys in memory and on the occasions when I am able to spend the holidays with my children and grandchildren.

“Then” I was in my twenties and thirties when holiday high energy flowed, life was appropriately challenging and my greatest concern was how to put two children through college. “Now”, in my eighties, holiday energy is displaced with visiting friends, ordering family gifts to be mailed by Amazon.com and cooking a whole turkey or even a turkey breast for one is a bore and just plain stupid.

So, the gobbler cooking smells, big gathering plans and the frenetic outgoing holiday spirit are devoted to memories. However, I recognize that there are new ways to enjoy holidays that are less family active, more appreciative of the generosity, empathy and kindness of friends and simply to enjoy being a holiday aware watcher and less of a doer.

During the holidays as a Mom of young children “then” I was keenly involved. As a Granny of young adults “now” the holiday season is less cooking demanding, emotionally calmer and very distance adjusted by text newsy updates. ‘As I get older, I become more aware that “There’s nothing permanent in life but change.” Holiday season changes “now” are bathed in quiet smiles and youthful memories.

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How to Endergize a Slump

There are mornings when energy is low and dismal thoughts are high for all of us. At my senior stage in life, if I don’t have something to look forward to doing, seeing, feeling, touching or smelling, depression finds an open door and often depletes energy and positiveness. Being a numerologist and psychic, makes it too easy to foretell the future. Makes it too easy to draw unsupported hasty conclusions. However, we have power over ourselves. Approaching the future has options and choices.

To encourage positive outcomes, I use daily affirmations to point my visualizations to present time successes. To avoid dismal days, for ten minutes each day I sit up straight, hands on knees, breathing in love with my nose and breathing out fear through my mouth while mentally repeating as many of the following affirmations as I can remember…

…”Every day in every way, I’m getting better and better.” *
I radiate good health and vitality.
I accept and love my body as it is.
I always treat myself with love and respect.
I appreciate my uniqueness.
Money comes easily to me.
I now allow others to love and support me.
I am worthy of love and happiness.
I trust myself and my intuitions.
I am flexible, open to opportunity and change.
I accept criticism well.
I accept my mistakes. I forgive myself NOW.
My potential is unlimited.
Age and experience are my strengths.
I improve with age.
Every day in every way, I am better and better.

You may have affirmations that are personal to your expectations. Visualize them completed and visit your inner self each day.. There is always time for re-energizing. Riding on a bus or train, doing exercises, waiting for an appointment…affirmations are available anytime you think of them. Affirmations have staying power. Don’t expect immediate results.

Every day in every way, you are better and better.

* “Every day in every way I’m getting better an better”, Emile Coue, French psychologist and pharmacist who introduced a method of psychotherapy and self-improvement based on optimistic autosuggestion.

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It’s Mystical! Your First Name Says it All

I discovered that a first name alone reveals character and personality by “reading” people at parties. With only a first name introduction, I applied the numerology system for an entire name to just the first name and feedback was instantaneous – the personality interpretation was accurate! That discovery led to my first mass market book, You Are Your First Name.

This numerology system assigns numbers to every letter in the alphabet. This is a crash course so I’ll keep it quick and simple. The letters and their basic number meanings follow:

1 A, J, S independence, originality, ambition, leadership and activity

2 B, K, T adaptability, receptiveness, cooperation and emotional sensitivity

3 C, L, U artistic talents, optimism, sociability, imagination and humor

4 D, M, V practicality, organization, economy, trust, endurance and loyalty

5 E, N, W cleverness, freedom loving, adventure, travel and mental curiosity

6 F, O, X domesticity, music, responsibility, idealism and burden-bearing

7 G, P, Y introspection, spirituality, refinement, research and perfectionism

8 H, Q, Z power, problem-solving, self-reliance, executive and athletic ability

9 I, R compassion, empathy, brotherhood, charity magnetism and service

A person’s point of view is indicated by the first letter in a first name. The letter tells us what types of people and experiences are attractive to them.

A, J, S independent, creative, active leaders

B, K, T cooperative, gentle, sensitive supporters

C, L, U entertaining, friendly, cheerful, artistic, expressive people

D, V, M traditional, respectable, dependable, hard-working folks

E, M, W unconventional, versatile, rapidly-moving, adventurous risk-takers

F, O, X emotionally responsive, home-loving, neighborly, responsible people

G, P, Y questioning, poised, aristocratic, authoritative, respected specialists

H, Q, Z comfortable with successful, self-reliant, discriminating, challenge-takers

I, R comfortable with open, humanitarian, generous, understanding romantics

The last letter of a first name indicates a person’s obsessive and compulsive tendencies and the habits formed in childhood for emotional self-protection. These are their challenges, the reasons why they go to extremes. Childhood emotional attitudes are the usual causes for making poor choices and not taking practical options. If habits can be made, they can be altered. Childhood habits may be changed when mistakes are recognized. It takes years to make a habit and to change a habit! By mid-to-later life, after repeated mistakes in judgement, most people slowly alter behavior and meet their emotional challenges.

A, J, S too controlling, stubborn and egocentric or too submissive
B, K, T too sensitive and self-effacing or too removed from emotional sensitivity
C, L, U too insecure socially or too extravagant with words
D, M, V too structured and are workaholics or too lazy, careless and impractical
E, N, W too changeable, impulsive and sensual or too cerebral and fear change
F, O, X too conscientious and protective or too meddlesome and smug
G, P, Y too skeptical, aloof and melancholy or too analytic, silent and peaceful
H, Q, Z too concerned about money and self-ambition or lack material ambitions
I, R too self-sacrificing, impractical, sentimental or too selfish & narrow-minded

Find the single number for the Natural Instincts, First Impression and Career Talents in a first name using the number chart below.
table 1

Write down the letters in a first name
Under the letters, write the number values for each of the letters in the name.


table 2

Add the total numbers of all the letters. Reduce that number by adding together the digits. Example: Jonathan = 29 so 2 + 9 = 11 reduce again 1 + 1 = 2

table 3

The single reduced number reveals the name’s means of self expression and talents.

The single reduced number of the total vowels in name reveals the name’s “soul urge” or the things that make a person comfortable. Vowels are believed to the “soul of the language.”

The single reduced number of the total consonants reveals a name’s “first impression.” Standing on an escalator or walking into a room, onlookers get a feeling or they “sense” who and what we are. Consonants reveal a name’s childhood visualization of the type of adult we wanted to be. As adults, the name sends out that youthful hope for the future.

Below are the meanings of the “All Name” Numbers 1-9

#1 Progressive, active, creative leaders who can buy or sell anything. More mental than emotional and have the means of self expression to be lawyers, business owners, designers, explorers, inventors, managers, publishing editors, are at best when self-starters and left to control their own work.

#2 Adaptable, cooperative, detail-conscious, sensitive, diplomatic, tactful, “powers behind the throne.” Artists in a group, politician, secretary, psychic, statistician, caterer, insurance adjuster, librarian, teacher, negotiator, artist or theatrical agent…are at best in cooperative partnerships.

#3 Have a gift with “word.” Whether writing, speaking, selling or socializing are communicators who need a means of self-expression for their talents. Dislike working alone or too much routine. Excel with people in their environment and beauty in their surroundings. Actor, artist, lawyer, judge, philosopher, children, coach, cosmetician, entertainer, social secretary, jeweler, clergyman, critic and everything involving fashion fads and fancies.

#4 Work and build to achieve practical, tangible, economical results. Excel with organization, system, routines, accuracy and planning. Musician, economist, specialist in the building trades, real estate, writer of technical books, gardener, mason, mechanic, drafter, undertaker, accountant, professional body builder or boxer, laboratory technician, instructor, physician or surgeon, organizer…rarely wastes words or money.

#5 Loves the freedom to explore new enthusiasms, are born travelers and are “all things to all people.” Quick thinking, multitasking, clever people-person. Careers vary. Salespeople, politicians, advertising creators, detectives, travel writers, entertainers, promoters, theatrical managers, professional gamblers, drama critics, copy readers, graphologists, playwrights, TV or radio talk show hosts, actors, secretaries, freelance consultants, language teachers and interpreters, import-export dealers and any career that requires activity, changeableness and versatility utilizes the talents of #5.

#6 At home or in an office #6 needs to be in a trustworthy, responsible position in the business of giving service to the young and the old. Artists in all areas, the medical professions, educational providers and leaders, neighborhood political writers, resort and food services industries, home improvement, professional caregivers and any industry with benefits for civil, educational and realistic improvements for the immediate community utilize the means of self-expression for #6, “The Cosmic Parent.”

#7 Prefers to focus and specialize. #7 rarely works well in a decision-making group and prefer to work alone to research, analyze and perfect their thinking. Rarely does the #7 work with their hands or speak before drawing in-depth conclusions. Photographers, psychotherapists, lawyers, scientists, watchmakers, academic professionals, clergy-people, engineers, astronomers, occultists and authorities on many subjects particularly religions, excel without stress. Manual labor is uncomfortable for the #7 talent. The #7 means of self-expression requires refinement, culture and quality…not the adornments of commercialism.

#8 Strives for success in the commercial and material world. Most successful in “big business” and professional athletics where challenges are the driving force. #8 has a businesslike attitude that includes problem-solving, stamina, common sense, executive ability and limitless ambitions. Careers that utilize #8 talents include financial professional, banker, broker, corporation head, advertising promoter, art expert and collector, charity organizer, crime investigator, architect, carpenter, lawyer, philanthropist and any career from undertaking to exterminating to cupcake baking businesses that can grow through hard work, efficiency and organized management.

#9 Emotions guide the ambitions of the #9. Understanding the strengths and weakness of humanity guide #9 talents to charitable, non-commercial artistry, counseling, legal public defenders, medical professions, spiritual healing, teaching and humanitarian contributions. “Doctors without Borders” and public service reforming would attract the #9 means of self-expression. Born with “knowledge,” #9s are precocious children, selfless adults and live as “old souls” that strive for positions of trust where kindliness, inspiration and human understanding are the guiding force.


#1 Natural instinct is for independent leadership and directing subordinates, associates and family. #1 is mentally guided and has a distinct identity that desires creative freedom, autonomy, progress and is a tower of strength in times of trouble.

#2 Natural instinct is to follow rather than lead. #2 has a desire for peace, love, cooperation and maintenance of intimate relationships. Personal sensitivity guides the #2 to be tactful, diplomatic, modest and sensitive to everyone’s feelings.

#3 Desires artistic expression, beauty in their surroundings, exudes youthful optimism and finds happiness making other people happy. #3 loves to flirt, entertain, enjoy friendships and is interested in everything fashionable. #3 dreams of the perfect lover and the perfect world and aims to make dreams come true.

#4 Natural instinct is for stability, organization, conventional standards, dependability, faithfulness and economic practicality. There is no pretension or phoniness that will attract the hard-working, pragmatic, down-to-earth, thorough, methodical, serious #4.

#5 Natural instinct is to have freedom in all areas of life, constant sensual and sexual stimulation, new outlooks, multitasking challenges and for out-of-the-box thinking. Conventions, routines, detail, dullness and an overload of responsibility make #5 uncomfortable. #5 travels intellectually, spiritually and physically and thrives on having a variety of people and experiences in an ever-changing scene.

#6 Natural instinct for #6 is to feel secure in emotional relationships, wants physical comfort and has strong ethics, morals and standards for him/herself. #6 needs the roots of home, family and neighborhood. #6 enjoys working in harmony with others, gives service and strives for domestic peace. #6 thrives when there is music as a career or hobby, beauty in personal surroundings and balance in business and community relationships.

#7 Natural instinct is for privacy and perfection. The daily routines of mundane day-to-day realities make #7 seek more emotional privacy, mental and physical solitude. Although #7 fears poverty and loneliness, they are very private, secretive, mentally questioning and avoid intimacy. #7 seeks silence, time for mental analysis while perfecting their wisdom. #7 is refined, aloof from commercialism and casual conversation; emotional outbreaks make them shudder. Perfection of work, time to analyze details, time to consider things from every angle and fine quality job and products make them happy.

#8 There is comfort for #8 in the power to handle major organizations and building and construction for commercial success. Natural instincts are for problem-solving, tackling large projects, continuous accomplishments and to see a payoff. #8 has vision, stamina, strength and imagination that constitutes success in the commercial world. Happiness come from the success with ambitions, an accumulation of property and money, status in the community and a family to be proud of. #8 wants “to win” and the freedom that money can buy.

#9 Romance in visions push the #9 to aim to participate in making this a more unified, broadminded, perfect world. #9 natural instincts are driven by emotional empathy and compassion. #9 gives selfless service in private and public life. #9 think there is an inner limitless supply of energy and material things available to share. Due to #9s romantic imagination and philosophy, he/she is a great lover. #9 is charismatic and sends out a vibration that makes everyone feel that they identify with #9 theories and fundamentals. The need to uplift humanity, give love, understanding, counseling and service to personal relationships and humanity is a gift born to the broad-scoped, cultured, emotionally expansive, “old soul” #9.


#1 The basic first impression we get from a #1 is leadership.

#2 The basic first impression we get from #2 is cooperation.

#3 The basic first impression we get from #3 is friendliness.

#4 The basic first impression we get from #4 is stability.

#5 The basic first impressions we get from #5 are unconventional and sensual.

#6 The basic first impression we get from #6 is fatherly or motherly.

#7 The basic first impressions we get from #7 are aloofness and authoritativeness.

#8 The basic first impressions we get from #8 are strong and successful.

#9 The basic first impression we get from #9 is that they are kindred-spirits.

Of course there’s more to numerology charting than covered here. However, with this minimal information, you can be the psychic on your block or give readings are your next party!

I hope you have enjoyed learning the basics of The Magic, Mystery and Mastery of Numerology. There’s more to learn. When you’re ready to learn the past, current motivations, in-depth psychology of emotional challenges and more, get my flagship book – NUMEROLOGY HAS YOUR NUMBER.

Have fun and if you have any questions, talk…I’m listening.

– Ellin

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The Magic of Numerology is in it’s…

…application to everyday ambitions, family and community, inner self-questioning and obsessive and compulsive tendencies.

Career talents are immediately identified from the number meanings of the letters in your birth name. Even if you have never used your name, have “boy”, “girl” or “baby” on the first record of your birth or just initials.

Numerology believes that the new soul coming to earth chooses it’s name and time to be born, Even if your parents named you after rich Aunt Fannie or Elvis, we believe you chose your character, personality and what you need to learn in this life; your Destiny.

Your first name describes your everyday life. If you have a middle name or more than one middle name numerology explains your emotional self and your last name describes your spirituality and the family genetics that are passed on to your generation.

Part lll of The Magic, the Mystery and the Mastery of Numerology will include some Magic! I’ll teach you how-to learn your basic talent, natural instinct and first impression and your neurotic tendency (obsessive or compulsive behavior that lead to making extreme choices or taking negative options.) from only your first name…or anyone’s first name.

If you don’t want to learn how-to-do-it-yourself, read my dictionary of 1500 first names, You Are Your First Name I suggest when you get the book, you leave it on a coffee table during a family gathering or any party and you’ll have a ball when people read about their own names and the names of the people in their lives. It’s magic!

As promised in Part 1, you can learn to be the psychic on your block now through…The Mastery of Numerology

How to find your or anyone’s Destiny Number

Add your month of birth number to your day of birth number to your year of birth number. Add numbers to reduce the sum to a single number.

Example: Born on October 7, 1932
Add 10 for October to 7 for the birthday to 1932.
10 (October is the 10th month of the year)
+ 1932
Total 1949

Reduce 1949 to a single number: 1 + 9 + 4 + 9 = 23
Reduce again: 2 + 3 = 5
The destiny number for a person born on October 7, 1932 is #5.

Example: Born on March 25, 1981
Add 3 (for March the 3rd month of the year) + 25 + 1981.
Total 2009
Reduce 2009 to a single number: 2 + 0 + 0 +9 = 11
Reduce again: 1 + 1 = #2
The Destiny number for a person born on March 25, 1981 is #2

What is “Destiny”?

Destiny is what you’ve come here to do and to become, We are not born knowing what life has to offer – we learn as we live. The Destiny number tells us the types of people and experiences that are intended to open doors to successful experiences throughout a lifetime.

Destiny, the Life Path, is our purpose in the plan of life.

It’s fun to know your Destiny color. Destiny colors are included in the Destiny number descriptions.

Brief Destiny number descriptions follow…

#1: Individualization
Purpose is to learn independence and have the ability to “go it alone” as pioneering, creative originator, proud, progressive leaders. Keywords: will power, ambition, positiveness and activity. The color to wear to attract kindred spirits is red.

#2: Association
Purpose is to learn to be a cooperative, receptive partner and a support system for leaders: “The power behind the throne” and “The world’s greatest private secretary.” Keywords: needs intimacy, learns adaptability, sensitivity, tact, diplomacy and consideration for others. The color to wear to attract kindred spirits is orange.

#3: Self-Expression
Purpose is to learn to use communications skills – to use words – to express artistically – to bring sunshine, humor, youth, imagination and beauty to dark places. Keywords: youthfulness, friendship and social activity. The color to wear to attract kindred spirits is yellow.

#4: Organization
Purpose is to learn to build for the future – through work, discipline, dependable service and conventional procedures. Keywords: organization, structure, routines and practicality. The color to wear to attract kindred spirits is green

#5: Freedom
Purpose is to learn to be a catalyst for change in the lives of others – learns and profits only through new enthusiasms, curiosity, change, travel and unconventional life experience. Keywords: multitasking, cleverness, adventurer, risk taker and sensual seeker. The color to wear to attract kindred spirits is turquoise.

#6: Adjustment
Purpose is to learn responsibility and to give service to family, home and community…often assumes burdens for others throughout life. Develops strong morals and ethics, Keywords: relationships, domesticity, idealism, nurturer and conscientiousness. The color to wear to attract kindred spirits is blue.

#7: Wisdom
Purpose is to learn to use mental analysis…to learn to be alone but not lonely. Seeks perfection and is uncomfortable with the noise and confusion of commercial activity. Is at best when seeking wisdom, not money. Keywords: mental analysis, refinement, aristocratic tastes, intellect, introspection, silence and spirituality. The color to wear to attract kindred spirits is purple.

#8: Power, Material Mastery
Purpose is to learn to deal with commercial activity, money, power players, business affairs, and to develop efficiency, high ambition and courage to take on major challenges. Keywords: executive ability, stamina, thoroughness, self-reliance, problem-solving and the power to succeed at major goals. The color to wear to attract kindred spirits is mauve.

#9: Universal Love
Purpose is to learn to be an unselfish, emotionally generous, empathetic, compassionate humanitarian – a welfare worker – to abandon all prejudices and to heal, serve, counsel and teach. Opportunities are found through universal love and emotional, artistic, inspirational people. Keywords: romantic, charity, compassion, empathy and breath of viewpoint. The color to wear to attract kindred spirits is gold.

Any questions? Talk. I’m listening.

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Numerology understands the past and foretells the future by putting meanings to the numbers in a birth date.
Numerology describes personality, character, self-Image, first impression and career talents by putting numbers with specific meanings to the letters in a name.

Although the fountain of intimate detail and past, present, future accuracy seems mystical, is it magic? No. Numerology is an easy-to-learn system that uses the meanings of the numbers 1 through 9 in various combinations…such as vowels, consonants and all the letters in a name and a person’s month, day and year of birth in various combinations.

After name number and birth date number combinations are calculated, a person’s purpose in the plan of life, nine year and one year cycles, months and days and the character and talent ingredients a person brings to their destiny, is revealed.

Numerology has been passed on from cave people symbolism through the Sumerian culture of 3600 BC on to the Greek humanitarian society of 530 BC when it was modernized by Philosopher/Mathematician, Pythagoras. Remembered by ninth grade students as the ‘guy who invented the Isosceles Triangle.” However, he did a lot more that that!

Pythagoras, ancient Greek “Father of Numbers” was one heck of a guy!

He believed that numbers are within all things……and the modernization of numerology is attributed to this amazing teacher and charismatic Greek teacher/political activist/philosopher/mathematician. He taught that ethics are based in mutual friendship, unselfishness and honesty. He put prophecy and mystical experience on a par with practical living and his destiny prediction may show you how to win the guessing game played each day.

The Progression of Numbers

After divining number meanings for the more self-involved, less community-minded, lower single numbers, one through four, Pythagoras used number five, to symbolize freedom. Five is centered between one through nine, the numbers symbolic of the systematic progression from ego-motivated, self-preservation, to social consciousness, to humanitarianism.

#5 is the turning point number that indicates sensual and practical experiences that makes one aware of how their actions have an effect on others. Five is the catalyst for change that pivots human awareness to higher spiritual awareness.

The numbers six through nine symbolize the steps one takes to expand from family relationship, to neighborhood responsibilities, to inner awareness, to the power to succeed, to universal generosity and attain the greater realization of eternal principles that make men wise.

Pythagoras considered Mathematics, Music and Astronomy the “Triangular Foundation” of all the arts and sciences. He taught his disciples the Theory of Sound and the diatonic scale, by which we tune a piano today. He believed that Mathematics could exist without Music and Astronomy but nothing, including medicine, could be explained without observing their number progressions.

If you wish to learn your Personal Year number and it’s progression and meaning read on. Your Personal year number tells you what new types of people and experiences you will attract in each calendar year.


To find your Personal Year Number for 2015:
Add your month of birth number to your day of birth number to the calendar year number and reduce the sum to a single number.

Example: August 8 Birthday in 2015

August, the eighth month of the year, is # 8.

Add 8 (for August) + 8 (day of birth) = 16.

Reduce 16 to a single number: 1 + 6 = #7.

To find Personal Year add the calendar year
number to #7.

In the calendar year, 2015 add 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = #8
The Personal Year number for August 8 birthday in 2015 = 7 + 8 = 15.
REDUCE #15 TO A SINGLE NUMBER. 1 + 5 = #6.

2015 for the August 8 birthday is a #6 Personal Year.

Example: February 13 Birthday in 2015

February, the second month of the year, is #2.
Add 2 (for February) + 13 (the day of birth) = #15.
Reduce 15 to a single number: 1 + 5 = #6.

To find the Personal Year add the calendar year number (2015) to 6.

To reduce 2015 to a single number…add 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8.

To reduce to a single number for a February 13 Personal Year,
add again, 6 + 8 = 14. Reduce 14 to a single number 1 + 4 = #5

The Personal Year number for February 13 in 2015 is # 5

Its fun to know: Your Personal Year number meanings…

…we live in nine-year cycles of experience and begin the process again. We begin our focus on new goals and make changes in a #1 Personal Year and reach a polish and skill of performance, realize that we cannot progress, conclude commitments and prepare for change by letting-go of the people and experiences that are no longer necessary for our growth in the ninth year of the cycle. The year number, after a number nine Personal Year is a number one.

In a #1 Personal Year we plan and are actively conceptualizing the future and making contacts. We receive responses when independently beginning new objectives. There are stops and starts until at year’s end, we have a clear concept and a plan in motion.
In a #2 Personal Year emotions run high. We are sensitive and receptive. We wait, maintain a cooperative approach, detail plans, maintain intimate relationships, keep quiet and observant. We allow the seeds planted in a #1 Personal Year to attract supporters and gel for future use.
In a #3 Personal Year we actively express talents, socialize to communicate ideas, view the future with optimism and receive recognition and responses. Business combines with pleasure. The seeds we planted in the #1 Personal year come to light and are recognized.
In a #4 Personal Year…a reality check! Organization, system and work are key words. Nothing comes easily. We rework details, stabilize objectives, maintain possessions, budget realistically, build and accumulate assets for the future.
In a #5 Personal Year we see surprises, unconventional opportunities and changes. We actively seek experiences that pivot and enlarge ambitions. We take risks: Receive responses and results. #5 keywords are: freedom, adventure, sex, sensuality and publicity.
In a #6 Personal Year we work to maintain harmony in family and neighborhood relationships, take responsibility for our ambitions, make stabilizing adjustments (and often sacrifice personal objectives), broaden relationships and improve and beautify property. We must be discerning when volunteering or when pressed into giving service. Commitments must be chosen carefully as they must be seen through to a conclusion.
In a #7 Personal Year we strive for inner growth; question, research and await developments. We perfect and evaluate goals and delay ambitions. Money comes in if we do not pursue it. Focus is spiritual and intellectual. It is not material or commercial.
In a #8 Personal Year we actively seek to solve problems, express ambitions, plan efficiently, build, work for money & power and we achieve major goals.
In a #9 Personal Year we achieve self-realization, reflect and actively conclude plans and obligations begun in the #1 Personal Year. We clean out our mental, spiritual and material Closets. Nothing new begins as we reflect, clear the decks and prepare for the changes that begin in the incoming #1 Personal Year.

Your Personal Year number remains the same from January 1st through December 31st for each calendar year. The mood and the types of people and experiences you meet changes in October of the preceding year and the incoming calendar year mingles with the present year number and the new year starts seeping in.
 For example: In October of 2015, the mood and the types of people and experiences you meet change.
 2016’s moods, people and experiences start seeping in. Think back to October 2014 for confirmation.
 More to come next week on “How to Find Your Destiny Number.” Destiny is your purpose in the plan of life.

Today’s wise words from Pythagoras, “Above all things reverence thyself.”

©Copyright Ellin Dodge 2015

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The Big Senior Aha

My big life style reinvention began the day I got the letter saying “your Social Security check begins coming in five months,” on my 65th birthday. The Social Security Administration sends a plain white envelope that I innocently opened to discover the big aha. It’s official. I’m old.

Mixed emotions crept over me. Half of me was youthfully expectant. Yeah! More money. The other half knew that under eye concealer couldn’t cover up this wrinkle. I was overwhelmed at the unblemished sign that I was “a senior” and had to make plans for the future.

After five months of emotional terrors and thoughts of plastic surgery, the check arrived. I finally adjusted to the inevitable and made my first five year plan. The plastic surgeon was out and the estate planning lawyer was in.

To organize finances and clarify my own final wishes for family and friends it was time to make a last will and testament. After meeting with the estate planning lawyer, it was decisions, decisions, decisions. He asked, if I had valuables, like money, real estate, jewelry, family heirlooms, paintings,and to mention everything that had value to designate to family or friends? Do you want to be buried or cremated? Who is your health advocate and what are your wishes if you became terminally ill? Do you want a living trust if so, who would be the executor? So the first five-year-plan took almost five years for me to feel completely satisfied and pay legal fees.

At seventy, I began realizing that working 24/7 writing blogs, mass market books, traveling for performances and consulting with clients was energy draining and causing aging aches and pains. I wrote my last book for Simon and Shuster and made my second five-year-plan to cut my work load in half. I no longer needed a secretary or a large office. However, I wasn’t ready for retirement. It seemed that semi-retirement was ready for me.

Seventy-five brought on thoughts of going over my financial and legal decisions as my life style had changed, family and friends made changes and I now had a dog to protect. Back to the estate planning lawyer for revisions and more aha. He asked, “Why do you need that big house?” Good question, I thought. Decisions, decisions, decisions again. I loved my house, was used to the feeling of spaciousness and knew the neighborhood. Although driving at night was limited, I could navigate by street sign memory. To size-down to an apartment or condo? To do a reverse mortgage? To move to an independent senior housing facility? It seems the older I get the longer it takes to make a decision to make a major reinvention. Still working…I didn’t imagine they would let me see clients in a senior facility. Knowing the only thing that will kill me is stress. I looked in my familiar neighborhood, and moved to a worry-free, one bedroom, patio home rental at eighty.

No more leaky roof replacements. No more calling the plumber or electrician. No more fixing the air conditioners in summer. No more real estate taxes, gardeners who don’t show up, house painting or home association dues and regulations…At almost 83, AHA, If something goes wrong, I call the landlord.

A new five year plan will probably need to be made in a few years. For now, life is one big freedom ride. I love my scaled-down work schedule and every day I wonder, aha, what’s the next reinvention?

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Can you visualize Donald Trump’s head on your pillow?  Why invite him into your bed?  Ingredients in all good sexual, marital, business, social and political relationships depend upon a few basic ingredients. Among them are trust, empathy, compassion and mutual respect. Good looks, charm, expensive gifts or sexual attraction may begin physical intimacy–A sensual relationship. However, if we jump into bed before establishing trust, mutual respect and a feeling of friendship, the emotional highs in the expectations of sensual attraction cannot be maintained.  Nor can the unfiltered, booming voices and erratic undisciplined behavior of politicians or business magnates sustain international diplomatic relations in this changing world.  Trump is so impulsive and explosive.  Can we have a peaceful sleep with him?

In all relationships, business, social, and  political too, mutual respect enables open communication that also sustains relationships.  Trust is not easily established. Emotional bonding is only created through riding the ups and downs of life’s waves. I foresee “The Perfect Storm” with Trump at the wheel.

In 2015 we seem to have no idea how to establish new political relationships and deal emotionally with the “it never happened before” reality.  Americans are seeking change.  We have options and choices.  Let’s not grab the first in-your-face rowboat to push-off the dock.

It’s difficult for Americans to grasp being a newborn baby after achievements of the past hundreds of years, and the loyalties and trusts that have supported our visualizations for the future.  However, in November we must make choices to vote to clean out relationships with outworn people and ideas while going through a learning curve.  Trump thinks he can take the helm and steer America into greatness.  America is great.  We need to accept changes to our system of government, not (as is suggested by Trump) that we are failures and must “make America great again.”  The answers are in the details.  Ya gotta start somewhere.  As voters we have choice and may make a variety of changes – gracefully with optimism or angrily with negativity.

How do we get public servants to remember why they were elected, get a salary, titles and pensions for life?  How do we find citizens who are not politically savvy, cut from a mold and navigate the Washington DC beltway?   How do we think out of the box—recognize climate change, international financial fluctuations that effect our dollar, and a world as close as a computer keyboard or cell phone?

My relationship to my vote as an American is as deep as my love of my family.  It’s September, 2015. There’s more than a year to find a suitable candidate for president.  Where can she or he be?  I can’t imagine Donald Trump’s head on my pillow.  That’s not a safe, secure and sensually satisfying relationship for me.

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There are mornings when energy is low and dismal thoughts are high for all of us. At my senior stage in life, if I don’t have something to look forward to doing, seeing, feeling, touching or smelling, depression finds an open door and often depletes energy and positiveness. Being a numerologist and psychic, makes it too easy to foretell the future. Makes it too easy to draw unsupported hasty conclusions. However, we have power over ourselves. Approaching the future has options and choices.

To encourage positive outcomes, I use daily affirmations to point my visualizations to present time successes. To avoid dismal days, for ten minutes each day I sit up straight, hands on knees, breathing in love with my nose and breathing out fear through my mouth while mentally repeating as many of the following affirmations as I can remember…

…”Every day in every way, I’m getting better and better.” *
I radiate good health and vitality.
I accept and love my body as it is.
I always treat myself with love and respect.
I appreciate my uniqueness.
Money comes easily to me.
I now allow others to love and support me.
I am worthy of love and happiness.
I trust myself and my intuitions.
I am flexible, open to opportunity and change.
I accept criticism well.
I accept my mistakes. I forgive myself NOW.
My potential is unlimited.
Age and experience are my strengths.
I improve with age.
Every day in every way, I am better and better.

You may have affirmations that are personal to your expectations. Visualize them completed and visit your inner self each day.. There is always time for re-energizing. Riding on a bus or train, doing exercises, waiting for an appointment…affirmations are available anytime you think of them. Affirmations have staying power. Don’t expect immediate results.

Every day in every way, you are better and better.

* “Every day in every way I’m getting better an better”, Emile Coue, French psychologist and pharmacist who introduced a method of psychotherapy and self-improvement based on optimistic autosuggestion.

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Caitlyn Jenner and Renee Zellweger changed their faces and forms to immediate, obvious transition. They both recently reinvented themselves. Long-time star, Renee changed her lovely face, with its unique, unforgettable eyes to an unrecognizable, just plain pretty-face. Bruce Jenner, an Olympic gold Medal winner transitioned from male to female, and is now known as Caitlyn, a designer dressed, gossamer garbed magazine cover girl. No major time lapse. Most transitions may take years, formulate in our souls, while others seem immediately obvious to the public. Can we re-invent ourselves at will?

Everyone makes transitions. Not all life changes are obvious. Some are emotional feelings. Some are for practical or financial needs. Some for physical comfort. Some are choices we make to fulfill our youthful passions. For some, an unexpected door opens their minds to unimagined possibilities. Except for the natural changes that accompany childhood to youth, maturity and old age, we transition from the soul. Easily or with great difficulty., often people visualize themselves the way they think others perceive them. It’s our inner perception that shows or glows on our faces.

I believe that we are able to bring our visualizations to form. When I was 12, I weighed 179 pounds and wanted to be a fashion model. That was just one of my youthful visualizations. I got an introduction to Eileen Ford and when I met her at her agency, she blinked and very kindly said that I shouldn’t quit my day job – or something to that effect. By seventeen, I weighed 140 pounds, as time went by I kept looking in the mirror and visualizing a size eight person. In my 20’s I was a Dior mannequin, visualizing, “think mink”, in size six designer duds.

Today I wear a size two, and still looking in the mirror and visualize what I think is perfection for someone who shrank two inches and aged sixty years. (I reflect and wonder what I could have been if I was a size two at twenty! That’s a waste of time.) It took about 60 years to get to my souls expectation of body size perfection.

We must view life with optimism and see ourselves with a rainbow of material success; there should be no time limit on hopes and dreams. The alternative is to view life pessimistically and sense doom and gloom at every turn. In our lifetime destiny we bring our visualizations to fruition. I’ve heard it said, “By age 50, we have the face we deserve..” At 82, when I look I the mirror, I think, “I didn’t deserve this”! And when I think back and realize all the things I did that I never imagined I would accomplish, I know I don’t deserve this time-worn face! However, aging brings on the inevitable transitions.

As a “mature-senior”. I intellectually accept the natural aging process but and when I look in the mirror, I still emotionally visualize the size six Dior model and there isn’t a line on her face. Youthful passions live in our souls.

Gourmet chef and TV icon, Julia Child was a CIA agent until she was 36 Ellen Degeneras was a paralegal and oyster shuck-er before living her youthful dream of being a comedienne. Whoopi Goldberg was a funeral parlor make-up artist and Joy Behar was an English teacher until the age of 40. Walt Disney was fired as a newspaper editor, transitioned to his passion and made Mickey Mouse a household name. Abraham Lincoln went into the army as a captain and came out as a private; he failed at many businesses and ended-up a US president. Life offers heartbreaks that often turn out to be blessings.

Harrison Ford chose carpentry for financial security until he was offered a film career, Elvis Costello was an IBM computer programmer until he transitioned to musician-entertainer. Best of all. artist, Grandma Moses sold potato chips until age 80; when her eyes failed her other hobbies, she started to paint. Some transitions are motivated by self-image; some are financially motivated, and others ‘happen’ because times change, age plays a factor and destiny opens a new door.

After achieving success, Jennifer Grey of “Dirty Dancing” fame decided to reduce the size of her nose. Self-image was her motivation. After plastic surgery no one recognized or hired her . To date, she says that was the greatest mistake of her life. Some reinventions go south.

Within the past five years, youth to maturity changes have occurred to Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Nicole Richie, Snooki and Kelly Osbourne. Some transitions apparently for the better and others border on the incredulous.

In my 20’s, I went from Dior to dungarees, leaving the glamour of the House of Dior behind me as I rode the grungy NYC subway that took me home to my children. Every day I walked the subway steps in three inch heels with aching, swollen, feet to arrive at the top, stop, think. and know I could not walk another step. I’d take off my shoes and walk the three blocks home, all the while hating myself for wasting money by ruining my $1.79 stockings. Some of my transitions were based in survival; others were based in self-image, ego, age and my soul’s passions.

Age took me off the runway, to feeding my children, and put me into the safety of my father’s business. I left my fathers lucrative retail store in NYC to reinvent myself from my soul. After my children were grown it was easier to take risks and consider new options. I became a freelance, fledgling, self-employed, numerologist. Because numerology alone could not provide a steady paycheck, I began to visualize myself as an author and wrote a book. The book led to other books and teaching, lectures and cruise ship entertaining. As I look back, in youth I transitioned for food, a roof over my family’s head and survival. In middle-age, I fed my soul.

The soul needs nourishment too. As Sylvester Stallone must have said to himself, “I’m not a deli-counter assistant I’m a hero.” So, he wrote a movie, created .”Rocky” and transitioned to his hero self-image. People can do amazing things with passion, visualization and a dogged resolution to be the person they visualize themselves to be.

How do you manage inner and outer transitions? Do you re-invent yourself? Share your successes, blunders and steps along the way. Talk, I’m listening.

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Mistakes & Lessons

Newsladies Hat
As the Newslady who’s been there and done that, I’ve seen how fleeting fame can be and how we can be our own worst enemy when good judgment fails. Think about your own choices. Options taken or lost. Life-altering changes. Do you have past blunders not easily forgotten? Successes not nurtured or appreciated and gone too fast? I’m listening.

Numerologist Hat
Wearing my other hat, as a professional numerologist for forty-five years, I believe that we all have a Destiny…a purpose in the plan of life. However, Destiny is not written in cement. Destiny has options, choices and change. It’s not what comes our way, it’s how we handle the glories and the glitches. Where is your Destiny taking you?

Observing Bill Cosby’s catastrophic fall from grace that’s screamed in the headlines these past months. He will shortly appear in court in a civil suit and is now dropped by his his staunchest supporter, Whoopi Goldberg. She’s given up on Bill Cosby and we too can recognize that too much wealth and applause in youth gives even the most talented and intellectually gifted people a distorted view of what they can assume is their right and can legally do in life.

I still shudder when I remember encouraging my children to watch The Cosby Show and admire the cuddly, caring Huxtable, the Dr. Jeckyll side of Bill Cosby, while lurking in his animalistic Mr. Hyde choices, he was concurrently a serial rapist.

I remember notables and celebrities that have made poor choices, taken degrading options and made changes that led to disaster – and a few that turned their future choices into changes for the better. “There’s nothing permanent in life but change” and we always have choices.

In his youth, on a 1987 motor trip in Ireland, forever appearing young and supremely talented actor , Matthew Broderick, had a car accident killing two people, paid a $175.00 fine and has no recollection about it. Whereas most traumatic experiences are never forgotten, lucky for Matthew, he doesn’t remember. Is that a choice? It is his option.

Woody Allen, recognized for his unconventional writings and a cinema genius, was accused of rape by his wife. Mia farrow’s child, Dylan Farrow, it was never proven and then soon after, he married his and Mia’s daughter, Soon-Li. Woody Allen was not in his youth or newly rich when making these choices and changes. Perhaps he thinks that his successes allow him to have different morals and ethics than the average person?

Laura Bush, a teacher, scholar and US First Lady in maturity, ran a stop sign, killed a teenage classmate in an accidental car crash with suspicions of drunk driving and no charges were filed. Youthful, spontaneous choices often lead to nightmares in maturity.

In the mid-nineties, popular nice-guy, stand-up comic, Tim Allen was caught in an airport by drug-sniffing dogs while carrying fourteen pounds of cocaine (enough cocaine to keep him high for his lifetime). He did serve time in prison and has since starred in the family movie, ‘Toy Story.” A debt paid for a bad choice and he’s on to new options.

Michael Vick, Falcon’s football quarterback with lots of money and fame was convicted of horrible animal cruelty for sponsoring dog fighting, gambling on it and he served two years in prison and paid nearly a million in escrow to maintain care of the animals he abused. Too much free time? Too much loose cash? Too little compassion and empathy?

Remembering Ike Turner’s domestic abuse of wife, Tina, O.J. Simpson’s uncontrolled rage and Roman Polanski’s drugging and raping teenage girls. Well, Turner’s old and out of sight, Simpson’s added to his crimes and Polanski movies still attract audiences while he can never return to the US. Ted Kennedy turned his bad life-changing choice at Chappaquiddick into service to the world although his self-serving, skewed judgment in a time of crisis lost him the opportunity to run for the US presidency.

Top of my list of disappointing people who have been blessed with success is iconic guitarist, pervert, voyeur, Chuck Berry who got sued by nearly sixty women for installing cameras in the ladies rooms of his restaurants and filming them while urinating That’s just plain sick!!!

Youthful blunders, selfish sensual choices, momentary lapses of judgment, greed, lust, and the attitude that the rules and regulations that are made for ordinary people are not made for me can haunt people their entire lives. I have my worst-scenario choice memories. Nothing that would hit the headlines. A few hit me hard in the gut when I remember them.

However, through numerology I know that my Destiny and purpose in the plan of life is to be a catalyst for change in other people’s lives. Choices, a change and unconventional options crop up for me consistently. I’m always waiting for the next shoe to drop. Is there any thing that makes you shudder that may crop up from your past to hit you in the butt today? Contact ellin@newsladies.net. Talk, I’m listening.

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I’m Ellin Dodge

I’m Ellin Dodge a mature (that means “old-er” – still-growing) senior, when I look at my history of life experiences, there’s little I didn’t try to do, few designers I didn’t wear, few bad-boys and nerds I didn’t date or marry and few bright ideas that didn’t stretch my budget or put me on a financial freeway. It seems that the saying there’s nothing permanent in life but change really rocks.

Currently author-numerologist, daily blogger and for over forty-five years advisor to industry stars worldwide. (So why won’t my children listen to me?) It seems I’ve been there and done that whenever something new hits the news. I’ve never been short on opportunities to get enthusiastic about something, dive in head-first and find out later how detailed, complex and slow-moving achievement really is. I’m the Newsladies voice of eighty-two years of life experiences.

There have been incarnations a-plenty! Businesses, marriages, motherhood, the limelight and the shadows. My resume lists ex-Dior model, ex-newspaper editor/publisher, ex-1960’s to 90s civil rights activist, ex-Aquarian-Age seeker, ex-PTA president, ex-1970’s administrator of the NYC Silva Mind Control Center, ex- retail liquor store owner, ex-teacher of writing for publication and numerology, ex-opera league board member, ex-gambler, ex-cruise ship lecturer, ex-stand-up comic, ex-cougar, ex-trophy-wife, happy ex-wife…and as I think about it – I have too many ex-es to mention.

My Newsladies adventure as “a mature senior who has been there and done that” is yet another confirmation that life is the show, not the rehearsal and I intend to keep the curtain up and the show on the road.

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