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February 17, 2018

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  • Don’t laugh, but my friends call me…. “YODA.”

    Don't laugh, but my friends call me.... "YODA." Perhaps they are poking fun at my pint size stature, but they say it's because I am wise. Of course, I can't claim Jedi Mastery on life; but truth be told, I don't just teach self awareness, I practice what I preach and my efforts have paid off. At this point in my life, I fully embrace my nickname - yes, I am Yoda size, as well as wise and powerful. You can be too! Unlike Yoda, you don't have 900 years to master happy. My new online [...]
  • Resolutions are for suckers; they’re simply a wish

    Resolutions are for suckers; they're simply a wish. Save your wishes for blowing out your birthday candles. Instead of simply making a resolution, how 'bout you resolve to doing something different and commit to an intentional process that will make you better. That's exactly why I created the online group coaching community, Nuts and Bolts: of Self Awareness - it's a tribe of people working to make life more than just wishes. I am excited to have you join us, January 18th at 6:00pm MST.
  • The Biggest Cop Out Ever…

    The biggest cop out ever is... answering "What do you want?" with "I don't know," says Daune Thompson. It's a cop out because even if you're afraid to acknowledge it, deep down we all know what we want; undeniably it's there, just waiting to be affirmed. Saying "I don't know" is an avoidance of the truth. Pretty heady stuff, yes; but, it's actually a lot simpler than we make it out to be. Chances are you haven't lived under a rock and fully subscribe to the notion that [...]
  • Junk In Your Trunk

    As we wind down into the last month of the year, we are all feeling the pressure of the holidays and busy schedules. This is a time of year many begin to reflect on their year and what they created. We tend to see many of us are overwhelmed not with only social functions but with cluttered lives. Physical and emotional clutter. I like to use this time of year to purge instead of acquire more. Sort of a pre-preparation for walking into the new year ready for action. It tends to be a [...]
  • Will It Take Trauma Or Re-Patterning?

    When is your paradigm shifted? Everyone has a paradigm which is your personal set of beliefs. Similar to a blueprint that guides you to take action. What makes your blueprint right and another’s wrong? Nothing! Everyone’s beliefs are just beliefs until you choose to change them. But changing a paradigm happens only after repeating a new skill that becomes etched into the blueprint or a trauma that rips a hole in the blueprint. I would never wish a trauma on anyone. But it seems [...]
  • Do You Know The Answer To This Question?

    It seems like such a simple question, but when I ask people, “What do you want?” often the response is “I don’t know.” I think that is a cop out, we all know what we truly want. You may be afraid to say it or want it, but it’s there. If you could have all the things you dream of, what would they, security, joy, family, fun, health, connection etc.? When you ponder this question is your answer “I don’t know” or is it you’re not sure if you can really have it. So why go [...]
  • Do You Give Good Vibes?

    Have you heard someone say…”I get a bad vibe from them.” It’s a feeling, vibration, resonance and it happens every day. You feel the energy around you, but many choose to use their intellect to make decisions over their intuition. Intuition is your gut, heart, feeling instinct. It’s more intelligent than your mind. It’s the strongest part of a child before they develop their intellect so they are pretty good at distinguishing between good and not so good vibes. It’s only when we grow [...]
  • Spiritual People Use the ‘F’ Word

    Many in my tribe will tell you how spiritual I am and that my vision is through a kaleidoscope lens. Through my continuously evolving spiritual journey, I learned how to connect with my God and utilize higher power for highest good in my own way. I began to see the more authenticly I expressed myself the more connected I became. It was when I began to share my personal tools that empowered me to find deeper connection, that I realized many are confused by what being "spiritual" meant. [...]
  • Get Out of the Fear Funhouse

    If you knew all your fears are illusions would you change? Do you remember walking into a funhouse at the fair standing in front of the warped mirrors and laughing at how funny you looked? You knew it was just an illusion but not what you really look like. The interesting thing is we look into mirrors daily that are not warped, but instead project the warped illusions in our minds of how we think we should be. We only see a warped image. You see your face, body, skin, hair, clothes, [...]
  • Walls Direct You to Love Yourself More

    When you’re being presented with a wall, don’t try to climb it. Don’t try to get around it. Choose a different direction instead. It's appearance is encouraging you to turn your compass. It’s showing you that this direction you have been walking is the end of the road. You are not on the wrong path, you are just ready for a detour to a better path. Pressure, stress and pain arise to give you wake up calls. How you address it is up to you. Many find endings and closure as defeat. [...]

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