Be Your Own Boss

Finding your “aha” moment at any age, expressing your version of the Bucket List, throwing out your dated Mom jeans, toxic make up and maybe your day job, too, is all part of what we’re covering here on the Newsladies this week.

Our Reinvention Series continues as we take a closer look at what you need to build a successful new business. You’re done fantasizing in your tiny, little cubbie at the corner end of the office and are ready to make a big career change and be the big cheese, the Jefe Grande, the Big Boss!

Women you’re outpacing men 3 to 1 when it comes to getting into the entrepreneurial game, so listen to our radio show this week as we bring you the basic building blocks to create a profitable company and become your own boss. It’s all about your online presence and how you work your website and socials in today’s marketing world.

There’s a lot of noise and garbage out there in SEO land, so tune in to the advice from our expert Digital Dude for the best way to work the web and bring more dollars through your doors.

Also, enjoy a meet and greet along with some sage advice as we go ‘round the room with our fellow Newslady correspondents, who just happen to be entrepreneurs themselves.

So women, build your empire, create a kingdom and get your swagger on because you get to be YOUR OWN BOSS. Bravo! Job well done.

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Heidi Foglesong

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Heidi is a media marketing specialist who brings over 25 years of news and media production to Newsladies. After graduating with a degree in broadcast journalism, she moved on into an award winning career as a television news anchor. She was voted most trusted and most popular news anchor in the Phoenix area by the viewers. Heidi has also hosted TV lifestyle programs and news talk radio shows.