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February 18, 2018

Vol 1

Be Entertained

  • Do You Go To The Movies?

    It was always one of my favorite things to do. Dinner and a movie. In a good old fashioned theatre. Popcorn with butter and a bubbly soda. Cute husband. Great Plot. Life is good. But, things have changed. Especially in light of recent shooting events here in the U.S. and the recent terrorist attacks on “soft targets” and entertainment venues in Paris. Case in point. My daughter calls me today and says “Mom, I won’t be going to a theatre to see a movie for awhile. My friends and [...]
  • What You Like to Do

    To be entertained. What does that look like to you? Is it the weekend getaway, big family vacation, the staycation in town with a pool and cocktails? Or is it cracking out on Netflix episodes and snacks on your extremely comfortable couch? Or just sitting with a good cup of coffee and a real newspaper or hardback book? It could be doing the arts and cultural events all dressed up, dancing your butt off after years of keeping your groove thing in the closet, or wearing your home [...]

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