Emergency Cash

It can happen when we least expect it. And it usually does. The emergency. Life throwing us a curve ball. A natural disaster. An economic hit. And in today’s global life scape, we know National Emergencies can happen at any moment. So are you ready? We take so much for granted in our automated world. Our ATM’s, banks and on line systems hum along as we transfer funds, make transactions and live on paperless air. But what if bad weather or power outages shut those systems shut down. Or what if banks freeze accounts? How do you navigate everyday life then? Cash. Yes, good old fashioned cash. Experts say having enough cash on hand to buy groceries, gas and other items for a week is essential. Others say you need to have enough to pay for a hotel and other expenses should there be an evacuation in your area. There are countless scenarios that can play out here.

The bottom line is being prepared for any contingency plan, big or small, and having a reserve of emergency cash at your disposal at all times. Great article on the money website, Go Banking Rates.com sets us straight on how to stash cash so you’ve got some in your pocket when that emergency strikes. Here are some of the news nuggets from that column:

“Despite what many sources say, there’s no magic amount you should have nestled away in your emergency fund. Some say $500, others $1,000. Still others suggest three to six months of pay. Suze Orman’s magic number is eight months of living expenses. You might aim for a conservative $10,000, or more.”

“You should do what feels right to you. No matter the amount, an emergency fund is absolutely necessary — make it a priority. In fact, financial gurus like Jim Wang of Bargaineering and Dave Ramsey say to build up your own reserves fully expecting an emergency. ‘It’s not a matter of if these events will happen,’ Ramsey says, ‘it’s simply a matter of when.’ ”

An emergency fund isn’t meant to be dipped into, or spent like disposable income, and creating one takes the very same approach for any other savings, rainy day fund or nest egg. How much can you afford to save? And how much do you think you’ll need for an extreme catastrophic event?
Ramsey and many others suggest the first step to beginning an emergency fund is to start small. Let’s say you’re looking to set aside $3,000 in one year. That would mean you’ll have to save $250 per month over the next 12 months. Extend your savings goal to 18 months, and that’s $166 per month. If you’ve already got some money saved up elsewhere, is there a portion you can transfer to your emergency fund?

“Keeping cash at home is risky, especially when it’s in large denominations. A home break-in is the type of emergency you won’t have money for if your cash supply is stolen — physical money isn’t insured and it’s unlikely to be recovered. Finding safe, secure and clever places to hide your emergency fund (with easy access, of course) can safeguard the security of your assets — think of it like making a bank within your home. Common advice is to keep enough cash at your house, but not too much. Opt for lower denominations, like tens and twenties, since many retailers might not accept $100 bills. However, when looking to store your money in a compact fashion, larger bills in fewer quantities take up less space — it’s up to your discretion. Stash your cash away in a practical, yet unorthodox way. (Keep in mind — under the mattress is the first place they’ll look.)”

So, be wise. Get ready. And start stashing your cash!

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Someone’s Gotta Give

What does it take for all of us to step out of ourselves long enough to look around and see what’s really going on out there? I’m talking about our neighborhood. Our community. And the people who are really struggling. Are you helping those in need? Are you helping to support those programs, services and causes that are often the only resources these people have?

To be honest, I’ve been pretty lame about it. I guess I’ve just gotten too busy with my own life challenges with children, family, work and friends to take the time to help. But you know, that’s no excuse. Something’s gotta give. And when that doesn’t work, that means someone’s gotta give here. And those someone’s should be all of us in my opinion. Why? Because we just should. It’s the compassionate thing to do. And you never know when life will throw the “turn on a dime” move, where we suddenly end up “there” – in a place we never expected to land.

So here’s a challenge for all of you: Take a first step and help one organization or charity before the year is over. And then don’t stop when the holiday season ends. Each month, give one more time again – in some way. Through a monetary donation, volunteer effort or providing clothing and toiletries for people in need.

And listen to our radio podcast this week featuring Childhelp – a national organization dedicated to preventing child abuse and offering great resources and programs to help educate parents and children. Someone’s Gotta Give. That giver would be you. Happy Holidays and cheers to the spirit of the season!

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You’ve got the New Year itch, right? You know what I’m talking about. The need to start over, refresh, purge all of the old stuff from last year that doesn’t work anymore or is weighing you down. Dump the junk, clear out the stuff, take off the pounds and whatever else is on your tick list for 2016. From your closet, to the trunk of your car, to your overloaded office or cluttered cubbie – you are ready to reduce and start new and lighter. “Less is more” becomes the mantra chant so you can handle more of your busy life juggle.

This is the typical psychological cycle of a New Year for many of us. So, here on the Newsladies, we’re going to capitalize on this momentum to help you succeed in achieving your goals and dreams by offering some sage guidance and practical tools to implement right now.

We start by getting down to business. Your business. Your professional life. And ladies you need help, especially when it comes to the work/life balance.

According to a recent survey by Forbes Magazine – 92% of working women feel overwhelmed by their professional and personal responsibilities. That’s quite a statement. And, by the way our men are struggling, too. Pew Research reports 56% of working men say they’re having a difficult time with the work/balance issue as they take on more Daddy duties and have their significant other juggling jobs and home life too.

Starting with a lighter plate is a good beginning. That means assessing what is working in your professional world, what isn’t and what you need to eliminate to start in a more productive direction.

Our fellow Newslady and Business Success Coach Daune Thompson (http://www.ideserveitnow.com) has a great program to get you going. Listen to our radio podcast this week as Daune walks us through her Nuts and Bolts of Self Awareness program, teaching us how to start with some basic mental and physical house cleaning using her version of an X Box.

So women, start this new year with us and let’s get down to business!

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Be Your Own Boss

Finding your “aha” moment at any age, expressing your version of the Bucket List, throwing out your dated Mom jeans, toxic make up and maybe your day job, too, is all part of what we’re covering here on the Newsladies this week.

Our Reinvention Series continues as we take a closer look at what you need to build a successful new business. You’re done fantasizing in your tiny, little cubbie at the corner end of the office and are ready to make a big career change and be the big cheese, the Jefe Grande, the Big Boss!

Women you’re outpacing men 3 to 1 when it comes to getting into the entrepreneurial game, so listen to our radio show this week as we bring you the basic building blocks to create a profitable company and become your own boss. It’s all about your online presence and how you work your website and socials in today’s marketing world.

There’s a lot of noise and garbage out there in SEO land, so tune in to the advice from our expert Digital Dude for the best way to work the web and bring more dollars through your doors.

Also, enjoy a meet and greet along with some sage advice as we go ‘round the room with our fellow Newslady correspondents, who just happen to be entrepreneurs themselves.

So women, build your empire, create a kingdom and get your swagger on because you get to be YOUR OWN BOSS. Bravo! Job well done.

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Take an inventory ladies. What are you spending your money on and how can you shift the way you spend to recharge your finances on the savings side? Well, that’s a no brainer. Stop shopping the old school way! Regular department stores, compulsive “gotta have to feel better” shopping habits and shopping for everything when “you’ve got the time after work” or “just feel like it” syndrome. Oh no. Let’s correct to recharge which will require a shift in your daily routine and mind set.

First, assess what you have – in your closet, on your accessory list and in the rest of your home. You don’t need another “cute outfit” or darling candelabra for the patio or new gizmo for your home office. Stop. Assess. Purge what you have and go to a second hand store to sell. Don’t shop the typical sales media campaign – “you get three for the price of one!” You don’t need three. Shop off season and discount stores. You can great quality for often half the price of regular retail. Say no to the need for a “reward” because “I’ve had a hard week” buy. Also, get smart and “bulk” minded when it comes to grocery store shopping. Organize and do one trip weekly – not every few days.

Mindful spending, artful savings will recharge your financial portfolio and make you feel proud about you! O.k. go get a little treat – you did well, you deserve it! Uh, by the way, ten dollar max price point on the treat ladies.

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Holiday Hype

Isn’t it funny how we can go from heavy news like terrorism and darkness, only to then transition right back into Turkeys, Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Yes, it seems to be the way we roll here in America as we continue to gorge on a feast of non-stop media along with an array of newsy side dishes.

I thought my binging had stopped for a moment. But no. I barely turned off the TV after all of the terrorist coverage, only to to turn it back on to see very slim Macy’s models running to get those awesome holiday deals!  Thanksgiving felt like a fast intake of breath, a bite of turkey and one big blur of family faces I recognize – most of the time.

Then up at the crack of dawn and my fellow Newsladies and I decided to do a full on Black Friday Field Trip. OMG did we win big! Yes, we did get into a few tug of wars and mini cat fights diving for those consumer goods but, you know, it felt kind of good and rather stimulating. O.k. I’m actually making all of this up! My BFF (Black Friday Forever) Days are so over. I’ve got Amazon now!

Regardless, the season is upon us and we’re in full on Holiday Hype mode!  So, how do you feel about all of this merry making? This week on our Newsladies radio podcast we’re going to take on the dicey issue of holiday relationships. You know “that” annoying relative, “that” needy nutty friend, “that” blended family gathering drama event and so much more.
Are we allowed to say the words “Shut Up” during this season of joy? I didn’t think so.

Anyway, we’ll go round the room and juggle holiday stress, the buying and the giving and go in search of that special “something” that gives us a real feeling of holiday spirit and joy.

So pull out the Santa hats, the Yamaka’s along with your Jingly Reindeer Ears and let’s talk Holidays women! Because We’re Listening. To You.

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Do You Go To The Movies?

It was always one of my favorite things to do. Dinner and a movie. In a good old fashioned theatre. Popcorn with butter and a bubbly soda. Cute husband. Great Plot.

Life is good. But, things have changed. Especially in light of recent shooting events here in the U.S. and the recent terrorist attacks on “soft targets” and entertainment venues in Paris. Case in point.

My daughter calls me today and says “Mom, I won’t be going to a theatre to see a movie for awhile. My friends and I went last night and there was a strange man with a black jacket who went to the side of the theatre to stare out and survey the crowd. Two girls ran out, ducking their heads. We slouched down in our seats and were afraid to leave. Movie security came in, but just stood in the back. Because it was dark we weren’t sure who the guy was. I was afraid we’d get shot. It turned out ok, but I was freaked out. Like I said, I won’t be going to the movies for awhile.”

I responded calmly to my daughter as she went on explaining her experience while simultaneously feeling my stomach fall to the floor. This is what it’s come to today, I thought to myself. A “new normal” has kicked in – especially for our children.

And a lot of questions are running through our minds too. Do we need metal detectors greeting us at the multiplex? Would an increased police presence help? Should federal or state governments pass legislation of some sort to give moviegoers a greater sense of security as they pay to sit in a dark theater with strangers? Do we let our kids go see movies by themselves on a Friday night anymore?

Articles from the Huffington Post to the Washington Post have addressed safety issues in movie theaters and proposed new security measures. A lot of discussion and debate but for the moment, no big changes.

So, do you go to the movies? Your decision. For now, though, I’ll take my husband, popcorn and bubbly soda and park on the couch tonight. Netflix and the Home Theatre experience is just the ticket for me.

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The Paris Straw

A piece of straw is defined as a dried stalk of grain. A bunch of straw makes a bale and a bundle that’s packaged in a square, a rectangle or a round. Currently, I’m staring at the straw that broke the camel’s back. One thin stick of it and the camel collapsed. I see the straw that did it as I binge on TV news absorbing yet another update on the Paris Terror Attacks. It’s happened before. Frequently. I’ve watched the 24/7 coverage over and over again. Different settings. Other names. Select terrorists groups claiming responsibility. But this latest act was a last straw for me – just a plain old American woman feeling stunned, angry, helpless and numb again. And now, add a new sensation to that – feeling unsafe. Do you? Are you living life like you always have – going to a concert, dinner, traveling the world or sending your kids abroad to expand their horizons? A lot of people are pressing the pause button on some of these activities in light of the way life has played out recently around the globe.

What is it about 2015 and all of the random acts of violence and terrorism that seem to be hitting a new chord of fear among us? Is it the series of mass shootings this year in America, including one on my daughter’s college campus? Is it the growing threat and dare of ISIS and its outrageous acts of terror? Is it the feeling of so many pieces of life not feeling normal anymore – but more like a jumble of a lot of crazy. When did it happen? When did the camel’s back break? Why didn’t I notice? I guess I was too busy living in my comfortable bubble – self absorbed with my little life.

The buzz word I keep hearing is “new normal”. Part of a strange language and vocabulary that feels very foreign. Words like soft targets, manifestos, suicide bombers along with complicated terminology describing guns, weaponry and strange versions of mental illness.

I struggle with these terms and with how I should live life and play it safe. Feel safe and do my part in coming together with others as a nation who’s security is threatened. I feel overwhelmed and confused. Do you? And what’s next? That’s the power of random acts – anywhere, anytime. Anyone’s guess. We’re placed in a vulnerable dilemma. To keep living as we are. To be more cautious. Or to retreat and be paralyzed by fear.

In a way, I’m my own version of a camel, not draped in Pier One fabrics wandering the sands of the Sahara, but rather schlepping around the deserts of Arizona with a big bundle of worries on my back. I worry for my children and loved ones. I think about the generation to come and how their lives will be. I wonder how to keep strong and fearless in a world that feels more wobbly – and not the comfortable “safe” I’ve been privileged to live here in America. It’s happened before. In the past – before other wars and historic events. So, I guess we just keep walking through it – lumpy backs strong, not too much straw and a large dose of hope that we get to the other side, safe again.

Feeling safe is the topic this week on our Newsladies radio podcast as we go round the room with fellow Newsladies and hear their take on the recent series of these acts of terror and violence. Great conversation to share with all of you. So, women, let’s talk. It’s important. And we’re listening.

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It’s happening way too early ladies. The pontificating, the media hype, the fakey looking candidates who’ve been coached out of their real personalities by some political media consulting team claiming to know what it takes to get elected. The media manipulation and circus ring approach to the debates borders on comical. Sometimes it’s even better than the ongoing Saturday Night Live skits featuring the candidates and their mirror image imitators. The other night I thought I was experiencing a severe wind storm watching television – but no, it was all of those news commentators blowing hot air. Ironically, I had that same sensation watching the first round of debates as well.

So, it’s time to bring out the toilets here on the Newsladies and flush away all of this political poop! That’s why we’re broadcasting this week’s radio podcast from our elegant studio powder room – also known as the ladies room. How appropriate for this topic of discussion. FLUSH!

I know, I sound like such a Negative Nancy, but I’m exhausted already with election coverage and 2016 hasn’t even started yet! How about you? Feeling the same way? In my opinion, we’re televising debates way too early in the game. There are still too many candidates, copious amounts of confusing media coverage and a feeling of huge disconnect with the political process in general. Time to vet out the noise. FLUSH! Oh, that feels better.

I used to be a Republican for years. Then, I became a Democrat for 20 minutes. That didn’t work. So, I finally settled on becoming an Independent because I got tired of going back and forth across the aisle. I decided to clip my left wing, my right wing and just sit down in the middle – wingless and unable to fly. That’s when my disconnect with politics and elections really began. Because I’m starting to feel that my vote doesn’t really matter. Isn’t that pathetic? But I truly feel that our systems are so broken down that we’re doing triage on institutions that are already on life support and near death. It makes me wonder how many politicians feel their hands are tied or their wings clipped, making them incapable of decisions and actions? I would imagine quite a few.

Why? Because let’s face it. You can’t run for office anymore as a true calling to improve your country these days. You have to compromise on your message, raise a boatload of money to even scratch the campaign media surface and sometimes sell out to the lobbyists to get what you need to last on the campaign trail. And you have to be ready to suffer extreme mud slinging and smear campaigns on your character, your past, your family life. Why would you bother to even try? I know I’m getting downright cynical here and that’s probably not o.k. So feel free to FLUSH me and my opinions down the toilet! We are democratic and fair here on the Newsladies.

Actually, though, I’m not alone in my sentiments about being a voter in the United States today. Research shows a lot of Americans are disenchanted with politics and aren’t voting as much. How many stories have you heard on low voter turnout? A lot. Washington Post reports the 2014 mid term elections showed the lowest voter turnout since World War 2.

So, it’s time to talk women. And we’re doing a lot of talking and flushing on this week’s Newsladies radio podcast “Politics and the Powder Room.” Get ready for some good old controversial conversation as the ladies take on the state of politics today. We’ll tackle the issues, the candidates, the B.S. or the political “poop” as we like to say in the ladies room. Small FLUSH please. Thank you.

We’ll also take a look back at the other powerful political seat in the White House and the role of the First Lady. We’ll share our favorite First Ladies from the past and offer advice to the next First Lady or Dude that enters the White House.

Finally, if you just don’t know who to vote for – vote for us, the Newsladies, to hit the campaign trail in 2016. And let’s really talk women. Because we are listening. To you. And your opinions. No toilet flush here!

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Dreaming of Sleep

You want it. You need it. You crave it, but you can’t get it. You get excited just thinking about 8 hours of uninterrupted – no, not sex – SLEEP! Sleep disorders are epidemic in this country, now affecting 50-70 million Americans according to the Centers for Disease Control. So it’s a big problem and growing fast.

For me, getting a good night’s sleep has become a weird and new kind of party scene.

2:00a.m. and a lot of action – in my head. The racing thoughts syndrome is in full swing. The three squirrels I’ve named me, myself and I, start racing around my brain, rattling my mental cages that house life goal notes, worry items, the perpetual stack of to do lists and the like. These busy critters wake me up to hold their nightly conference call to talk through this stuff, usually right around 3:00 a.m. So I reluctantly open my eyes, sigh and do the “stare at the ceiling” thing. I attempt my deep breathing relaxation exercises I learned in my yoga class to get back to some deep rem sleep. Nah. Doesn’t work.

Next, I do the fish-in-the-frying-pan routine from side to side to see if I can get comfortable, block out those mind chattering, nutty squirrels and go back to sleep. Nope. I’m awake.

But I’ve still got ten minutes to try and escape from this nightly meeting. Then my bladder chimes in –“Potty Break!” You know, having my three daughters was so wonderful, but my bladder has never been the same. Add a few menopausal hot flashes and…well boomer ladies, you feel my pain, right? So, back to the pee pee break – I keep my eyes closed and zombie walk my way to do my business. Keeping the silence mantra I do the no flush, and ease back on the bed.

Ahh, ready to try sleeping again. But what time is it? The need to know, a check on the cell by the bed with the bright screen light and the squirrels are back – the conference in my head is in full session. We tackle all of my issues, problems, worry about the people I care about, the itch on my upper back, the outfit I plan to wear for my meetings and consensus on when I can make time in my busy bee day to shave and pluck my eyebrows. Whew. The racing exchange of self-talk finally wears me out into exhaustion. Eventually, I start drifting off again and it feels wonderful. Floating in Alpha state. Nice….ahhh….

Oh no – did I wake myself up with an apnea snort alert? Crap. That’s embarrassing. Again? I need to go to the ENT. Oh no, wait – it’s my husband sawing logs next to me. Greaaattttt. I call him Father Redwood, he calls me Little Sequoia because we could have our own saw and logging company. We talk about matching CPAP masks or lovely mouth guards to top off a romantic evening, but we’re just too vain and not brave enough to go there. Not to mention the libido buzz killer these devices can create.

I look over at the love of my life with his mouth hanging open. I look up at the ceiling and ask the sandman to put me to sleep again. Finally, Sleepless in Arizona here starts catching some zzz’s.

All lightheartedness aside – this week on the Newsladies we are focusing on sleep deprivation and serious related conditions that have turned insomnia into a national public health issue. So, please listen to our radio podcast and our special featured guest – Sleep expert Lauri Leadley of the Valley Sleep Center group in Phoenix, Arizona. She’s got great information on sleep hygiene tips as well as diagnosing and treating the many sleep disorders that exist today.

Cheers to a good night’s rest and Sweet Dreams, my fellow Newsladies!

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Warrior Wardrobe

My favorite clothing items are close to the skin. Underneath my outfit and my under armor to handle the daily barrage of crap, drama, irritating factors, the black cloud called trouble and my pet peeve – arrogant, self centered people. It comes in handy when I’m back stabbed, front stabbed or thrown a sudden life obstacle that blocks my way. My titanium bra goes back to my Nordic ancestors. It’s got chinks in the armor, a few dents here and there, – but I wear it religiously to protect my heart and feelings. Madonna cannot compete with my over the shoulder boulder holder! The one she used to wear at her concerts was prettier but not stronger. Mine is.

My Big Girl Underwear help me get my warrior on when I have to take on big issues and fight my way through conflict to resolution and calmer waters. They are not sexy, lacy thong undies that you continually try to pick out of your derriere. No, these bad boys are sturdy like a girdle, enormous to keep me well protected and, at middle age, a much better option than Depends.

I can depend on these panties to spank me out of a pity party, bad mood, and defeated attitude. They make me stand up, get over it and keep walking forward – one step at a time. Occasionally I need to go into full on warrior costume. You know, the Viking helmet, small spear and, if it coordinates, a tasteful cape so I can pretend that I’m superwoman until I get tired or too resentful. It’s a nice look, this wardrobe – if you lived back in the day of my Viking relatives.

But that doesn’t matter really. Because whatever your version of warrior wardrobe armor is, essentially it serves as a metaphor to hang onto – a visual mantra to help us handle the ups and downs of life. The big disappointments and loss, as well as the motivations to move on, conquer, prevail and live a bit more happily.

At 28, I knew everything. At 35, I had the world by the tail. 40, I got a few hard knocks. 48, I learned the lesson of recovery, letting go of old mental records and moving on. Today, at 55 – that would be double nickels to all you boomers and pre AARP members out there – I’ve decided I know a lot less than I used to. Patience is a better virtue of mine than it’s been in the past. I sigh a lot more. Fight a lot less. And pray all the time. And everyday I go into my closet, I see my warrior outfit hanging nicely in the back corner waiting for me. At the ready, anytime I need it. There’s one in your closet too, women. You just have to find it.

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October is Mystery Month here on the Newsladies and this week we want to take the mystery out of your money and put more of it in your pockets! Money is a funny thing and can dramatically impact our everyday lives. If you’re having money problems, struggling to balance a budget or simply to make one, you might need a brand new approach. So what can you do on a daily basis to make small changes that add up to big results?
We found some great tips from the Financially Wise Women Website.
It talks about our instant gratification button that can turn into too much spending and offers ways to change our habits to get into the saving mindset too. Here are a few on the list. And our interpretation of what that means – Newsladies Style.

1. Have a weekly money date. No, this does not mean making out with your hard earned cash. It’s about taking time to sit down each week and track where you’ve been spending and saving. Glass of wine, a healthy dinner and your budget by your side. Now that’s romantic!
2. Wait 48 hours before you click “buy.” Amazon queens, you know we’re talking about. Enough said.
3. Set up automatic savings. It’s like the magic wand that makes things disappear. If you don’t have it, you won’t spend it!
4. Have a financial buddy. Ladies, you’ve got your gal pals you always consult, you gym buddy and your Mom group. So why wouldn’t you friend another side kick in the finance department? Very easy to do.
5. Work more. Shop Less. Easy equation. Do the math.
6. Buy in Bulk. Make your own coffee at home. Cut out the Cable. Conserve and preserve those dollars like you were living in the thirties in the depression. You can do it!
7. Balance out the need to YOLO or FOMO! (You Only Live Once! Fear of Missing Out) As my mom would say ,“Don’t overindulge, honey and get over it.”
8. And finally, Keep Your Eye on the Prize. Set that goal to save and when you earn it, you are going to be feeling fine and ready to buy yourself a present. O.k. now you deserve it!

For more great tips, go to www.financiallywisewomen.com and their article on 31 Tips To Save More Money

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The Money Game

We are attracted to it. Repelled by it. We get fixed and fascinated on it. We make it. Spend it. Save it. And lose it. We think it can solve our problems, or bring peace and happiness to our lives. We delude ourselves into thinking it will give us more satisfaction, self worth, status and power. Or it’s a means to an end to get what we want and access to a more exciting life. For some it’s a full time sport. For others it’s a tedious game played everyday. And then there are those who fight it constantly and end up losing it all. It happens. Big Time Jet Setter or Big Time Bag Lady. Fantasy and fear go hand in hand here.

Money is one of the most important relationships we have in our lives. Yes, it is. It’s up there with our kids, family and friends. Don’t deny it. Be honest with yourself. How much time have you invested thinking about money and what you’re doing with it? Spent time with it like you would with a person? Lots of hours and days there. Worried, agonized, stewed or celebrated it like other milestone life events?

No, you’re not shallow and being a materialistic heathen – well maybe just a little bit. But that’s o.k. because understanding that having and managing money is a relationship – is actually a step in a healthy direction. Why? Because then you know that, like any relationship, it requires time, tending to, balance and awareness to create a positive benefit for your master wheel of life.

Women, we are wired to embrace relationships and we love them. But when they go sour, or become problematic we can royally screw ourselves and create drama and trauma. We’re wired to do that too. So apply this concept to your money world – especially if there’s not enough of it and a struggle. Are you pretending and faking that everything’s just fine with your family and friends? Still spending and shopping and ignoring the big picture? Or, if you have too much money, are you turning into an excessive consumer, becoming too self centered and losing some of your spiritual, giving side of self?

Then maybe it’s time to do an about face. To take some time to really evaluate your relationship with money. To take it in a new direction. To determine if you are afraid of being poor and not having it or afraid of having too much and not deserving it. Examining your old records growing up from family members and friends that defined the meaning of money when you were young– was money revered or criticized as a bad thing? Ask yourself if you suffer from poverty consciousness or if you feel worthy enough to allow prosperity to come into your life. Sounds cheesy and trite – but just about every self help book out there drills down to these root nuggets on our perception of money and how it’s affected our lives. And why we are able or unable to attract money and build wealth as a result of these thoughts.

When was the last time you had a weekly date night with your money – yes and your significant other too – to assess where you are with your finances? And I’m not preaching here ladies. I’ve done this several times – at the height of my professional success when I’ve had a lot of money and when I’ve been at the cliff ready to fall and lose it all – like a relationship with challenges, I’ve had to come out of the cloud of denial and deal with the issues at hand. The highs and the lows. Not fun. And still a struggle.

You can change your money game and the rules, if you want to. Don’t be afraid to look at the numbers and the accounts. The debt and the savings. But look. Be open. Assess the state of your relationship right now with money. And if you are really bad at it, let someone in who isn’t and who can help turn things around. I know. Reality checks suck! But you have to do it. Know this relationship can change and shift if you want it too. Your call. Your choice. No more pity parties. No more excuses.

And by the way, check out our radio show this week and meet Credit Union CEO Jane Dobbs – a woman who can help you get back on track and into a healthier happier relationship with Your Money.

And now….back to the GAME!

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Inside Your Head

What are the contents in your head space these days? This week we get inside your head to explore the magic and the mystery of the brain – how we use it, feed it, nourish it and allow it to function at an optimum level. We know through a lot of research and empirical data that toxins, technology and what we’re feeding ourselves as fuel has impacted our mental and physical health dramatically in a negative way. Conditions caused by inflammation have spiked in recent years and often the cause is based on what we’re putting in our guts. So it’s time to investigate and understand new preventive medicine for our brains and body.

So are you ready to get grossed out? Cool. Because on our radio show this week we’re talking about funky fermented foods to help your health and feces transplants. Yes we’re talking about poo poo ladies – and this isn’t a bunch of Bull Excrement! You know you want to know more. Yah, you do.

Tune into our web TV show and radio podcast this week as we share an exclusive interview with reknowned neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter. Our Wellness Newslady Cathleen Field had a chance to talk with the doctor about his fascinating research featured in his new best selling book Brainmaker. And how we can start our own Pickle Parties with those trendy mason jars ladies!

Also this week, check out our other great blogs. If you want to learn the basics of numerology, Senior Newslady Ellin Dodge has got your number.
And we’re giving away a free personalized forecast just for you! Check out the details on our mother ship www.newsladies.net

And, please take time to read mom Amy Alvidrez’s touching story on her challenges as a parent dealing with her daughter’s health condition. It’s a solid lesson in being strong and counting your blessings when taking on one of the toughest jobs out there – being a parent!

Finally, we’re having a great time this month introducing you to my fellow Newslady correspondents. Go to our about page and find out more about our talented team of women! This week’s mantra for the Newsladies – “Content is Queen.” Royal Wave….bye bye!

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Welcome to October here on the Newsladies as we explore, investigate and discover all kinds of things! Get ready for some in-depth investigation into the mystery of the brain and the kind of food that can empower it. New medical research out of Florida is fascinating and we’ll share it with you this month.

We’re also going deep into your dream state and getting into the reason behind the “why can’t I sleep anymore?!?!” Our expert offers new strategies to get a full night of zzzz’s and sheds light on the importance of deep slumber.

Is October Doomsday Financial Month?! God, I hope not, but ladies you’ve got to be ready with that backup financial plan. We’ve got some solid gold tips to keep you savvy and sharp with your money matters. And if you don’t have any money women….let’s help you learn how to earn through other income sources.

We start this week with lighter fare though exploring the mystery and the magic of the home makeover and the “he-said she-said” approach – yes, the Man Cave versus the She Den. We go toe-to-toe with our Image Home Improvement Guru Steve Doebel. Tune in to our radio show to hear some great advice from Steve on tackling your home remodeling project.

Finally, we delve into metaphysics with our master teacher and fellow Senior Newslady Ellin Dodge as she teaches us the basics of numerology and how you can forecast your life path and destiny. In fact, this month you can GET YOUR VERY OWN PERSONAL FORECAST FOR 2016 FOR FREE! Yes, we said for FREE! Click on our contest giveaway for all of the details. Also check out Ellin’s weekly Numerology blog this month under the Been There Done That category.

So ladies, get your trench coat, magnifying glass, steno pad and investigative reporter hat on and join us as we explore the mystery, the magic and the metaphysical of life. And let’s see what the month of October brings all of you.



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What You Like to Do

To be entertained. What does that look like to you?

Is it the weekend getaway, big family vacation, the staycation in town with a pool and cocktails? Or is it cracking out on Netflix episodes and snacks on your extremely comfortable couch? Or just sitting with a good cup of coffee and a real newspaper or hardback book?

It could be doing the arts and cultural events all dressed up, dancing your butt off after years of keeping your groove thing in the closet, or wearing your home team jersey and doing the wave at the stadium. Add to the list – fishing, biking, hiking, running, dinner parties, afternoon movies, nature, aha moments and everything else we do to keep ticking, humming and finding that piece of fun, fulfillment or good time.

Everybody has his or her version of being entertained. Or do you keep others entertained? Hi kids! Amusement parks, play dates, club ball, packed schedules – sounds exhausting.

But for a lot of parents, watching their kids is very entertaining. I used to feel that way when my daughters were little and created Sunday Fun Day in our front yard for all the neighborhood kids to enjoy. Games, activities and a lot of sidewalk chalk. Today, my daughters do the young adult version of Sunday Fun Day – which is day drinking at the bars. Yes, our definition of how we like being entertained does change as we age and grow up. Or maybe we never grow up. That’s fine too.

So, this month we start our Be Entertained blog with our network of family, friends and others contributing their ideas to share with you.

So weekend warrior, fanatic sports fan, busy-bee lady and professional couch potatoes — get ready for some fun! To be entertained or to entertain…that is the question. And we’ve got some good answers coming to you my fellow fun seekers in the months ahead, right here on the Newsladies!

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You’ve probably been there and done that several times. You know the self-talk routine with your interior body critic?

“I feel fat. I’m bloated. These jeans are really tight. Hey, when did my arms get chubby? I will never wear a bathing suit again. Wait, I’ve matched my top pregnancy poundage, say what? Up three sizes from my fighting wedding dress weight? Crap! I haven’t worn a belt around my waist since the 90’s. Does my butt look big? Hi thighs – uhh, why are you suddenly touching each other? You know, I would be so much happier just five pounds thinner. Ten pounds lighter. O.k. 30 lbs has gotta go. It’s Monday. I’ll start a healthy diet. I’m going to exercise. I’ll join a gym. Do a weight loss program. In the meantime, I think I’ll have a snack and take a nap!”

Women, why are we so constantly dissatisfied with our body weight and why do we keep trying to attain that look from our best of years or from the Celebrity Super Model? Crazy!

Time to talk about the I Feel Fat Syndrome this week on our radio show and go in session with our Newslady psychotherapist Duffy McMahon on the real reason we are resisting losing weight. The answer will surprise you.

Also fix my finances is on our Three F’s Show list this week so I called in a favor from my gal pal Oprah and she called her buddy Dr. Oz who did a show on financial health with his money expert who said it’s all about your financial maturity. So we’ll have more on their best get out of debt tips.

And finally, you’re feeling frumpy and have become a FASHION FUGITIVE!!
Time to let go of some of those dated clothes and schlumpy outfits.

Never fear, the Newsladies are here to inspire you to go from feeling DRAB to FAB and discover your new style, no matter what your age.

So tune into our radio show this week as we tackle the three F’s….hey we didn’t even touch the other big F word….FAMILY. Oh that will happen in the weeks to come.

So women, this week feel good about you and be less critical of your exterior image, walk with swagger on the catwalk of your life and chill on the spending – a few easy steps to fight the 3 F’s and tap into the fabulous you!

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Your Own Boss

Finding your “aha” moment at any age, expressing your version of the Bucket List, throwing out your dated Mom jeans, toxic make up and maybe your day job, too, is all part of what we’re covering here on the Newsladies this week.

Our Reinvention Series continues as we take a closer look at what you need to build a successful new business. You’re done fantasizing in your tiny, little cubbie at the corner end of the office and are ready to make a big career change and be the big cheese, the Jefe Grande, the Big Boss!

Women you’re outpacing men 3 to 1 when it comes to getting into the entrepreneurial game, so listen to our radio show this week as we bring you the basic building blocks to create a profitable company and become your own boss. It’s all about your online presence and how you work your website and socials in today’s marketing world.

There’s a lot of noise and garbage out there in SEO land, so tune in to the advice from our expert Digital Dude for the best way to work the web and bring more dollars through your doors.

Also, enjoy a meet and greet along with some sage advice as we go ‘round the room with our fellow Newslady correspondents, who just happen to be entrepreneurs themselves.

So women, build your empire, create a kingdom and get your swagger on because you get to be YOUR OWN BOSS. Bravo! Job well done.

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It’s All About The Hair

Sometimes it really is all about the hair. Or the 20 pounds we keep losing and gaining like an on-again off-again affair. (Can our thighs finally let those lovable lbs. go?) Or it’s about the job that just doesn’t work anymore or sideswipes us and gets taken away. You, fired? What?! Maybe it’s a health crisis, a big financial hit or a sad loss. It can be a solid relationship that suddenly goes wonky or fizzles out.

Whatever the impetus, change is the result. A condition we seem to constantly resist, even though it’s one of the only real constants in life. And then there’s change in life created purposely by you. Re-Invention.

So, if you’re standing on that cliff of change about to jump into free fall – are you ready for it ladies? Ready to Re-Make, Re-Vamp, Re- Frame, Re-Invent and Re-Launch? Then use the Newsladies as your resource guide this month as we focus on the mindset and attitudes it takes to really make a change in your life. Positive ones.

This week, listen to our Newsladies radio show with business leadership expert Patty Azar. She’s got a lot to say about women breaking the “good girl syndrome” and learning how to establish our earned value and negotiate in the workplace. Wow! Patty has great information and resources for you women revamping your professional goals— Millenials and Boomers she’s got some great advice for you! By the way, if you’re in a great place, awesome! If you’re not, you need us to help you get over your fears about change and embrace the opportunities that await you on the other side of the door. It just has to be opened.

If you’re like a lot of women, re-invention is part of our life routine and we do it often. I’ve had at least ten – from young, successful professional, to divorced mom juggling three kids and jobs that fit the mom-chauffeuring schedule, a lame period trying to date in my forties and look 30….yikes…. and then to middle aged Boomer trying to recover from the recession and get a day job. I failed miserably at that several times and got rejected quite a bit too. But, after a while things changed. The dust settled. I got over my old fears and dumped my bruised ego. I went in a new direction to build a professional something of my own. A work in progress. And a new hair color to go with it. Because at the end of the day, in my world….it really is all about the hair.

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SEX. LOVE. INTIMACY. SAFETY. SECURITY. What’s the button for your relationships women? We can pretend to be into our career, kids or social calendars, but relationships are at the root of living for most of us. So if you’re dissatisfied, bored or struggling, listen to the Newsladies and our radio show this week as we slice and dice the why behind the relationships we choose. And the impact they have on each chapter of our lives.
Explore, with us, the large playing field we cover – partnership, parenting, friend and family circles, our workplace and our village. Millenials, we’re talking to you and your texting courtship hook up ways – but have you discovered intimacy yet? And hello Boomers, if you’re going out to find love the next time around as revamped versions of your 20 something selves – maybe Cougars looking for younger pray or you guys armed with Tommy Bahama shirts and Viagra – maybe there’s a different route to go.
So what is the state of your relationship world women? Tune into to our radio show this week on the State of Your Relationships and let’s talk. Because we’re listening.

Also please, check out my fellow Newslady blogs this week. They are on it! And, finally, check out our web tv show as we go retro and get our 90’s Throw Back Thursday music video rolling. Move back the living room furniture and let’s get our MC Hammer Dancy Pants On!

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Take an inventory ladies. What are you spending your money on and how can you shift the way you spend to recharge your finances on the savings side? Well, that’s a no brainer. Stop shopping the old school way! Regular department stores, compulsive “gotta have to feel better” shopping habits and shopping for everything when “you’ve got the time after work” or “just feel like it” syndrome. Oh no. Let’s correct to recharge which will require a shift in your daily routine and mind set.

First, assess what you have – in your closet, on your accessory list and in the rest of your home. You don’t need another “cute outfit” or darling candelabra for the patio or new gizmo for your home office. Stop. Assess. Purge what you have and go to a second hand store to sell. Don’t shop the typical sales media campaign – “you get three for the price of one!” You don’t need three. Shop off season and discount stores. You can great quality for often half the price of regular retail. Say no to the need for a “reward” because “I’ve had a hard week” buy. Also, get smart and “bulk” minded when it comes to grocery store shopping. Organize and do one trip weekly – not every few days.

Mindful spending, artful savings will recharge your financial portfolio and make you feel proud about you! O.k. go get a little treat – you did well, you deserve it! Uh, by the way, ten dollar max price point on the treat ladies.

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In Search of Energy!

In Search of Energy! How many times have you gone on that road trip ladies? Yes, I know it happens often. So this week the Newsladies are your Energizer Bunnies! Yes, Energizer Bunnies to help you re charge, re launch and take on whatever is next for you! Please listen to our radio show this week with Newslady Correspondents Duffy McMahon and Cathleen Field. We’re talking about your mojo, mindset, technology detox, adrenal fatigue and all kinds of stuff! Great information and guidance on getting real with where you are with your energy level. Gotta have it. Gotta keep it. So, don’t waste it. Don’t whine and get stuck. Join us as we go in search of Energy and check out all of our Newslady blogs this week on the topic. Very rich content and good news nuggets to use in your daily life. Oh yah and by the way, we’ll do a little doomsday prepping too – Newsladies style. Just in case the world goes Kooky on us. Here’s to everlasting Eveready Newslady Bunnies and everlasting energy to keep all of you charging onward and upward on your life path.

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Warrior Wednesday

No Guts. No Glory ladies. Especially, when it comes to handling all of the changes and transitions that are just part of the deal when we start heading down life’s road. Boomer women, you know what I’m talking about! Change is inevitable and constant as we grow, age, figure stuff out and maybe get lost again a few times. So, on occasion, the Newsladies like to bring out the big bullet bra, titanium armor, spears and whatever else it takes to help handle the beast of change.

Enjoy our Warrior Wednesday radio show as we delve into the process of transitions – from job change to sex change. Empty nest or blended family – loneliness, illness, loss, financial ruin and just crummy disappointments. How we can learn to let go, accept, yes even change and move on. Also, make sure to enjoy my fellow bloggers great take on change and transition as we explore the frightening and exciting pieces of these turning points that can transform our lives and ultimately land us in happier spaces. Ready. Set. Big Girl Panties. Cape. Fly!

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It’s a big hit to go through a divorce on a lot of levels. It can be taxing on your heart, emotional state, family, work life and your finances.
So how to do you pick up the pieces and start rebuilding your new financial house after the break up? WiseBread is a great website with its byline “Living Large on A Small Budget.” Yah, isn’t down sizing and tiny house living the trend today? Anyway, here are some of their valuable rules to live by after the split and as you transition into your “new normal.”

Get ready to handle the tedious details. Or have someone help you if you’re not good at it. Joint Banking be gone – from bank accounts to credit cards, deal with it quickly to prevent either party from destructive actions the other might take out of anger or apathy. Also make sure to remove all beneficiary designations to avoid complications down the line.
This includes life insurance policies, retirement pension funds etc.

Create a New Budget. Whether you were the family money manager or not, get ready for really restructuring what you’ve got to spend, what you need to save and how much you need to recoup from any financial loss in your divorce.

Update your Will and Estate Plan.
Easy to do. A lot of people don’t and keep “meaning to get around to it.” Make that a top priority on your to do list.

Don’t blow your Financial Settlement! So many women get divorced and decorate, shop, decorate and spend! Don’t get caught up in a compulsive moment if you can avoid it. Contain, refrain and remember your money needs to last awhile.

Financial Planner
. Sometimes you need to pay the price and call in the professionals for guidance as you build your new financial house. Stay disciplined and stay on top of the details and you can transition a lot more smoothly and with more peace of mind.

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Hello women! I’m excited to announce our brand new addition to our Newsladies platform – our new radio show! This is a great way to talk women and to take our time delving into complex issues that need more time and conversation. It’s an ideal platform to better understand the daily happenings in our lives and what we can do improve our circumstances, society and well being for ourselves and our families.

So what better way to launch than with the loaded topic, WHAT A WOMAN WANTS. What we want. What we need. And how about this one. Be careful what you wish for. Join me and fellow Newsladies Duffy McMahon and Daune Thompson for a delightful and informative conversation on the state of women – what we really want in life and how we get there. Duffy’s blog is all about What A Woman Wants from a psychotherapist’s point of view.
And life coach Daune Thompson nails it when she talks about looking for love – at any age – and Dating the Representative.

Listen to the launch of our Newsladies Radio show and meet the new radio royalty on the block – where content is queen.

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Easier said than done. Especially if you have a lot of people in your life. Your spouse. Your kids. Your family and friends. Your work crowd. But women, we’re really screwing up here. And we’re stealing so much joy out of everyday life. Boomer women, you know what I’m talking about as you age and continue to try and fix everyone’s problems. Keep the schedule jam packed and try to maintain an image that may not be you. Are you really happy? Do you feel great or crappy? Are you tired all the time? Are you down? Anxious and feeling panicky? Do you blame everything on “the change” and hormones or the extra load of problems you’re carrying around? And why do you keep inserting yourself to fix everyone else’s life? Well, part of it is just being everything female.

Our instinct to nurture and be co dependent is biological and hard to erase out of the DNA. But have you considered the thought that it might be really annoying to a lot of people when you interject yourself, not helpful and an impediment to any kind of progress or resolution? Please don’t get offended. I’ve been guilty of all of it with the people I love in my world. And many of those near and dear to me have let me know how “not helpful” I’ve been in certain circumstances– from my kids, to my sisters to the love of my life – my husband. This time, I’ve decided to listen and effect some change in my behavior and review the boundaries I set or over step. I’m learning and observing that maybe we as women are overdoing it – overdoing everything in our lives.

Trying to be this super caregiving, energetic, perky helper to all of these people and getting overwhelmed, resentful and unhappy in the process. Anxiety and depression has spiked big time among people of all ages this last decade. Women are really at risk here as we arrogantly continue to think we can multi task on steroids without paying some kind of price. How we’re dealing with these common conditions is critical. Because, they can get worse and stop our ability to do anything in life. It’s very easy to spiral beyond the Downer Debbie syndrome and into a flat, dark place of hopeIessness. Why? Is it our ego getting out of control, the need to control others or unrealistic expectations we have of ourselves? It doesn’t matter. The bottom line is when we go to far, we fall and fail. So, what do we do? Simple. Let go and drop the balls. Don’t save the day. Don’t rescue in your fabulous red cape. Hard to do, but it’s really time to let go of some of this responsibility ladies. Drama, crisis and of course the biggie – worry. Really. Just let go and see what happens. The outcome might surprise you. And humble you. Sometimes, we just can’t save the day.

So, challenge of the week. Delete some of the no win, no fix drama or problems on your worry list. Cancel the 3:00 a.m. conference with your mind. And for one day. Stop Worrying. Start Living. And look for that piece of joy in the day. It’s waiting for you.

Find out more about how you can cope with anxiety and depression by watching our web tv show as we go in session with Newslady/therapist Duffy McMahon. Check out her blog on co dependency also under our Your Life section.

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Your New Money Tree

You’ve wanted to do it for a long time now. Create your own money tree. Exit from the cubicle and become your own CEO. That’s right. Be your Own Boss. Start your own company. A recent Pay Pal survey reports more than 7 million women owned businesses exist in America boasting a 3 trillion dollar impact on the economy.
With that encouraging news, you’re ready to take on the challenge. O.k. cool! We know you can do it, but it does take a certain mindset, determination and investment along the way. So, to jump start your motivation mojo, here are some good “mantra” tips to follow courtesy Entrepreneur Magazine.


1. Quit seeking validation and embrace your crazy.

This is your business. It’s yours because no one else has had the vision you did to start it. Stop seeking validation before you launch a new product, program or idea. The most successful people are those who were once believed to be crazy.
2. Celebrate even the smallest of wins.
To maintain a go-getter attitude requires positive reinforcement. Have you worked up the courage to make that call you’ve been putting off? Finally gotten through that stack of paperwork? Kick up your heels and celebrate! That energy will carry you forward.

3. Get specific.
Now that you’re trusting your own instincts and celebrating along the way, challenge yourself to break down your vision into smaller chunks. With the freedom to do what you want during the day comes the increased need to stick to a plan. What do you want to achieve this month — and what do you need to do this week to reach your goals?

4. Know that making money is like making broccoli.
A mentor once told me that making money is like making broccoli: You’re not afraid of using up the broccoli in your fridge, are you? You know you can always get more. Similarly, if you’re committed to growing your business, you can’t be afraid to invest in your growth or do the things that excite you. Rather than worry about the money you’re spending, focus on making each investment worthwhile.

5. Decide to be grateful.
There’s always someone who has it better than you and someone who has it worse than you. Comparison is the root of despair. Every day, we get to choose to be grateful for what we have, regardless of where we want to be.

And from this Newslady to all of those business ladies out there, my advice to you is never, never, never, never, never give up! Now, go build that empire.

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Take A Breath

Take A Breath. Take Inventory.

When was the last time you just stopped and paused in the middle of your day? Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. Setting down the to-do list. Turning off the cell phone. Silencing all of those racing thoughts in your head. Releasing the need to please, to be busy, to be perfect….to be on. Ahhh. Better. Sinking into a nice comfortable chair, you take a moment in the middle of your version of “rate race” and just stop. To take inventory of what’s happened in your life. A long time ago or the other day. Maybe even just a few minutes ago. All by yourself. To rest. To reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re sitting now. Experts call this a form of meditation, decompression, relaxation from the stress of constant decision making and 24/7 living with “on the go” expectations. It’s our modern day life format we follow religiously. So is it a good thing? Your call. Is there a balance to busy versus still? Absolutely. Your choice. So, this week I’d like you take a breath. Take inventory. Work this into your juggling act. And take the time to read some of our outstanding blogs from my fellow Newslady correspondents. Ellin Dodge – who’s been there and done that has a great article on mistakes from the past and how they can come back around or fade away with a big lesson. From Cosby, to other celebrities and advice for you. Our life blogger Duffy McMahon sums up some key ingredients that make marriage work…over the long haul. Our Be correspondent Daune Thompson speaks to those looking for love and the frustrating, pain in the butt experience it can be because we’re missing the point of what we really need. And Cathleen Field goes to the gut to give a different view on your typical beauty tip. It all starts in the belly.

Newsladies is a place for all women to gather – whatever shape, size, attitude or baggage attached – you’re welcome into our news lounge. So take a breath, kick back with us and let’s talk. We’re listening.

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Kids in Crisis

Crisis for kids
Heavy news headlines bombard us every day. From the latest senseless act of violence in Charlston, to the dark threat of Isis that keeps feeding that nagging fear in the back of our brains. There’s the crisis in Greece that seems so far way and yet could tip the scales of our own fragile economy – another 2008 ahead? God, I hope not.

But the News Nugget we’re digging into this week on Newsladies is a less glamorous headline. A story told often. And yet, it’s an enormous elephant in the room we continue to ignore.
I’m talking about our kids in crisis.

Why is it that as parents, so many of us treat our kids these days like entitled royalty? Micromanaging, coddling, catering and fawning all over them. They are our prodigy and we revel in the glory of their uber packed schedules, accomplishments, selfies and our Facebook brag book pages recording every memorable moment.

And yet, in our same town, right in our own backyards, sit those “other” kids in serious crisis – neglected, abused or abandoned. And really ignored. Worse, they often have no place to go until a foster home is found for them. Foster homes that are in short supply these days. So, they are sleeping on social workers office floors, in hotel rooms. I’ve even heard they’re put on busses sometimes that drive around until a child can be placed in a foster home.

In fact, Michigan and Arizona are being sued in class action lawsuits for neglect in caring for these children, not providing timely mental health services and citing a shortage of foster homes. But is the finger of blame pointing in the right direction?

We blame Child Protective Services and the agencies that are supposed to take care of this problem. The bottom line is states don’t adequately fund these programs and entities to do the job well and meet the growing demands of children at risk in dysfunctional and often dangerous home settings. Because it’s just not a priority. And let’s be honest. Frankly, we’re too busy with our own lives to get involved or rattle the cages of legislators or march down to our State Capital and say “enough!”

Fortunately, there are people and organizations trying to mitigate this huge problem by offering a transitional safe haven for our kids in crisis. Groups like Child Help USA – based out of Phoenix, Arizona – is helping the department of Child Safety with its new Children’s Placement Center. Find out more about this effort in this week’s News Nugget Segment on our Newsladies TV Show.

Remember, women. It takes a village and often we’re the chosen ones to gather the troops and make things happen. To spread the word to our families and friends. To take the time, energy and effort to make a difference.

And to take on that elephant in the room.

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Listen up Ladies. Did you know you are the powerhouse search engine when it comes to money moves, financial decisions and purchasing power in America? Yes, that would be you! But you’re saying to yourself, then why do I feel broke, on a tight budget and not getting ahead? Well one reason is the fact that most women like to spend money. Yes, we can save, budget and manage household finances but a little guidance and help along the way from the financial professionals can also help grow our money tree, right? That’s why we’re devoting a good chunk of time and energy here on the Newsladies reaching out to the money pros to help us understand our relationship with money, how to grow our wealth or to hang onto it long enough before we need to buy that next pair of absolutely, must have hot shoes!!!! So get ready for your daily dose of money talk and more in our designated blog space. In the meantime, check out these interesting stats from sheconomy.com on the purchasing power of all things female!
Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care:
91% of New Homes
66% PCs
92% Vacations
80% Healthcare
65% New Cars
89% Bank Accounts
93% Food
93 % OTC Pharmaceuticals American women spend about
$5 trillion annually…
Over half the U.S. GDP
*source www.she-conomy.com
Women represent the majority of the online market
Digital Divas By The Numbers

• 22% shop online at least once a day
• 92% pass along information about deals or finds to others

• 171: average number of contacts in their e-mail or mobile lists

• 76% want to be part of a special or select panel
• 58% would toss a TV if they had to get rid of one digital device (only 11% would ditch their laptops)

• 51% are moms

Source: Mindshare/Ogilvy & Mather

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It’s bumpy and uneven. It’s a smooth ride with an exciting, fast bend in the road. Memories and moments flying by us in our peripheral vision. People coming in and out of the car along the way.
It’s an up and down climb to the nowhere of frustration. A fall to the ground and the pain of rough gravel. We pick ourselves up and start walking again. Feeling better. Then we reach that fork that forces us to change our path with fear or faith that everything will or won’t work out okay. But we keep going and finally, hit a comfortable long stretch of the highway. And settle for awhile. Until the scenery or the road changes again. Then we finally reach the summit and bask in the sunlight of achievement or quiet victory. Then we get bored or restless again and want to get back on the trail and keep running. Or we simply decide to be, age and sit still.

This is the life journey. Our experiences as we travel through the good, the bad, the ugly, the fun, the sad and the rush of very happy. Living our lives and sharing our experiences and stories is what we’ll be doing a lot of here at the Newsladies gathering place. Women, and yes our men too, will be contributing stories and articles as guest bloggers. Life moments we can all relate to as we travel this road we call life. So enjoy the many different points of views coming your way in our Your Life Blog.
Happy Travels Friends, wherevery your road takes you.
The Newsladies

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Welcome Women, to a new gathering place to share your life stories and to talk about the news that matters to you! I’m Heidi Foglesong a longtime media personality and host of Newsladies. When I left television news in my thirties, I remember feeling a sense of dissatisfaction with the way news was being delivered and how irrelevant much of it seemed to be in relation to my world. Inane and silly, even though I was one of the perkiest anchor heads robotically delivering those sunny one liners. I remember my gut telling me at the time – you know, that little inside voice we often ignore – there has to be a different way to connect and do a better job sharing the news that matters to viewers, especially women. Well time has flown by since that first epiphany, and a lot’s happened along the way.

I’m a middle aged baby boomer who’s raised children, reinvented myself professionally at least five times, married, divorced and remarried, dealt with family joys, struggles and aging loved ones. I’ve felt fabulous and accomplished, as well as frumpy, fat and bored. I’ve gone from career driven and ego centric It girl, to humble lady – wiser and grateful for the gifts and people surrounding me in my world today. It’s all part of our life journey as women , enjoying the good, the fun, the fulfillment, the drama, the crap and the what’s next. Sharing and reporting these kinds of stories is what the concept of Newsladies is about – you and I and anyone else who enters our room of life.

So tune into our new media platform, Newsladies anytime you want on your schedule. We’ve got a lot to talk about ladies. And remember, we’re listening. To you.

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