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February 18, 2018

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NewsLadies and NewsMen

About Heidi

Heidi is a media marketing specialist who brings over 25 years of news and media production to Newsladies.  After graduating with a degree in broadcast journalism, she moved on into an award winning career as a television news anchor. She was voted most trusted and most popular news anchor in the Phoenix area by the viewers. Heidi has also hosted TV lifestyle programs and news talk radio shows.

Heidi spent her childhood in Switzerland, Latin America and Washington DC and is fluent in English and Spanish which is part of what makes her a dynamic public speaker for a wide audience. She has been invited to speak at many large events around the country.

Most recently, Heidi has brought all these talents to producing new television programming and creating her new multi-media programming platform, NewsLadies.

Heidi’s true talent is connecting people and conversations with the issues that matter in today’s media saturated world.

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About Duffy

Duffy McMahon graduated from Ottawa University, receiving honors in both her undergraduate and graduate Psychology degrees.

Specializing in fear, stress, anger, anxiety, rage, and sleep disorders, she has worked with Neurologists on the impact of stress and anger on the brain. Duffy’s focus on dream therapy, hypnosis, and trauma release helps her clients delve into the subconscious / unconscious mind, to confront and manage obstacles that prevent them from leading a healthier and more productive life.

Duffy is certified in Anger, Stress Management, EEG Neurofeedback, Hypnotherapy and studied with the Simonton Cancer Clinic. Duffy is a member of the American Counseling Association, The National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc., and The National Institute of Neurofeedback Providers.

She regularly appears on both radio and television, does speeches and offers workshops on love and compassion, dream interpretation, stress, anger, anxiety and trauma release exercises.

Duffy and her husband Pat own The Idea Factory, a creative consulting firm serving both corporate and non-profit clients for over 40 years. Duffy has received numerous awards over the years including the Jaycee’s “Young Woman of the Year”, “The Humanitarian Award” from The Malta Center, and she and Pat, were named “The First Family in the Arts” from the Herberger Theater.

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About Cathleen

Cathleen Field has spent over 20 years working in television broadcasting. For over 10 years, Cathleen has covered news in the Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Portland markets as well as working as a sports reporter, entertainment reporter, and health and wellness expert. Complementing her broadcast experience, Cathleen has also worked as the health and beauty editor for the national magazine Eliza and was appointed by the Governor of Arizona to serve on the board of Naturopathic Medical Examiners. In 2009, Cathleen took a break from broadcasting to attend medical school to expand her knowledge of wholesome solutions to natural health and wellbeing.

Cathleen maintains a private practice in nutrition, homeopathy and wellness.

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About Daune

Daune Thompson is the owner of Open Mind Consulting and holds a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology. She is a professional speaker, certified life coach and respected motivator. With an accomplished career spanning across 20 years in corporate training and development, program design, life coaching, and facilitating countless seminars.
She has an extensive fitness background and has taught at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She held the position of Director of Training and Development for a national speakers bureau, developing training programs and customizing employee-relations courses for Fortune 500 companies.
As an Influential speaker, lecturer, and coach; she delivers seminars countrywide in corporate coaching, leadership, training and development, and personalized coaching. She is also a respected author of two self-empowerment books: Drama Detox and I Deserve It-workbook. She is powerful and direct in her ability to liberate people from their limitations and fears. Daunes’ coaching talents focus on areas of relationships, life purpose and personal & professional growth. She is on a mission is to raise the self worth of others by guiding them to create balance, clarity and success in their lives.

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About Ellin

Ellin Dodge is recognized as America’s leading numerologist and is a noted author for Pocket Books and the Fireside Division of Simon & Schuster, Publishers. Among her seven books the most popular titles include NUMEROLOGY HAS YOUR NUMBER, (a Doubleday Book Club/Literary Guild selection), YOU ARE YOUR FIRST NAME, YOU ARE YOUR BIRTHDAY, WIN THE LOTTERY!, FROM ACE TO ZUMMO (December 2002, Fireside Division, Simon & Schuster, Publishers). and THE VIBES BOOK…a game of self analysis (with Carol Schuler, Samuel Weiser, Inc., Publisher). British, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish translations of books by Ellin Dodge are to be found in major booksellers and public libraries throughout the world.

Ellin Dodge is a mature senior, a daily blogger, a civil-rights activist, an entertaining lecturer, an exciting workshop leader and a frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows. Her private client list reads like a veritable Who’s Who of the world of finance, international politics and culture. She advises award winning artists, fashion designers, photographers, entertainers and screen and television writers. Psychologists, members of the medical profession, stock market analysts and society luminaries consult with her regularly.

Memberships: The American Society of Journalists and Authors, The World Literary Academy, and AFTRA. Listed in International Author’s Who’s Who and volume 106 of Contemporary Authors.

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About Amy Alvidrez

Amy is an Arizona native who grew up in Tempe, AZ. Naturally she became a Sun Devil and graduated from Arizona State with a degree in broadcast journalism. She spent time freelancing with TLC television and 10 years writing and producing at KTVK in Phoenix. Amy remembers watching Newslady Heidi and Newsman Cameron sitting side by side at Channel 3 since she was in grade school! She is grateful to now be working alongside Heidi who is someone she has looked up to for all these years.

Amy is a single (but supported!) mom venturing into parenting a teenager. Her daughter, Claire, is now 13! Amy blogs about parenthood and how it truly takes a village to raise our children. Her dog Barkely thinks she is pretty darn cool. (Maybe one day her daughter will realize it too.)

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About Chuck the SEO Guy

Chuck Manos is a valley native and the co-owner/managing partner of The Business Edge, LLC / Superstition SEO. Chuck comes to us with nearly 20 years’ experience in web design and SEO (search engine optimization). Superstition SEO’s main focus is on small business, understanding the day to day challenges of small business marketing, particularly online.

Chuck will post regularly to help the small business owner understand the importance of an online presence, keyword research, your business’ online reputation, social media, video marketing and making sure your site meets the requirements for mobile searches.

Chuck’s posts will enlighten you on everything from how to pick the right domain name, which social accounts will provide your site with the most exposure and traffic, to understanding the proper on-page SEO that will entice Google and the major search engines to favor your site in their search results.

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