Do you believe an entire country can suffer from “trauma”? I do. The American Psychological Association defines trauma as “an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape or natural disaster”. Emotional and psychological trauma is the result of unexpected stressful events that can destroy your sense of security, resulting in feelings of helplessness, vulnerability and fear. Sound like something the majority of American’s have been suffering from, since 9/11? Do you remember how you felt? For those of you who were at least 10-years-old, I bet you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when you heard about the planes crashing into the Twin Towers. Traumatic events have that affect on people.

It’s been 14 years since that agonizing day and, I believe, Americans are not only exhibiting trauma symptoms from 9/11, but the aftermath of constant terrorist alerts, the war in Iraq, the fall of our economy, and the continuing lack of cooperative leadership in our country. People express trauma in a variety of both psychological and physical ways. Emotional responses can include anxiety, fear, feeling disconnected or numb, depression, irritability, mood swings, withdrawing from others, difficulty concentrating, and confusion. Physical responses to trauma may include insomnia, nightmares, rapid heartbeats, unidentifiable pain, fatigue, muscle tension, hyper-alertness, difficulty concentrating, agitation, and being easily startled. These symptoms may dissipate after awhile, but can be easily triggered again by any reminder of the experience or new trauma.

The majority of clients I see display a varying degree of trauma and already are on medications. The problem is most people don’t understand what a traumatic event it is. People understand how military personnel have PTSD. They’ve been in a war situation; they’ve experienced bombings, attacks, having friends die in their arms and possibly having to kill someone. That’s trauma. But, trauma is also losing your job, filing for bankruptcy, having your house foreclosed, having your car repossessed, not being able to take care of yourself or your family, having difficulty functioning at home or work, divorce, contracting a disease, having a sick child or parents with Alzheimer’s Disease. But instead of seeing it as trauma, they self medicate. Some people turn to alcohol and drugs. Others get medications for depression and anxiety. Many are just frustrated because they cannot understand their feelings.

Trauma disrupts your natural equilibrium, keeping you in a state of hyper-arousal and fear. Recovering from trauma takes time. But first, it takes recognition; facing and resolving the feelings and memories you’re avoiding. So is America suffering from trauma? I think so.

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Warrior Wardrobe

My favorite clothing items are close to the skin. Underneath my outfit and my under armor to handle the daily barrage of crap, drama, irritating factors, the black cloud called trouble and my pet peeve – arrogant, self centered people. It comes in handy when I’m back stabbed, front stabbed or thrown a sudden life obstacle that blocks my way. My titanium bra goes back to my Nordic ancestors. It’s got chinks in the armor, a few dents here and there, – but I wear it religiously to protect my heart and feelings. Madonna cannot compete with my over the shoulder boulder holder! The one she used to wear at her concerts was prettier but not stronger. Mine is.

My Big Girl Underwear help me get my warrior on when I have to take on big issues and fight my way through conflict to resolution and calmer waters. They are not sexy, lacy thong undies that you continually try to pick out of your derriere. No, these bad boys are sturdy like a girdle, enormous to keep me well protected and, at middle age, a much better option than Depends.

I can depend on these panties to spank me out of a pity party, bad mood, and defeated attitude. They make me stand up, get over it and keep walking forward – one step at a time. Occasionally I need to go into full on warrior costume. You know, the Viking helmet, small spear and, if it coordinates, a tasteful cape so I can pretend that I’m superwoman until I get tired or too resentful. It’s a nice look, this wardrobe – if you lived back in the day of my Viking relatives.

But that doesn’t matter really. Because whatever your version of warrior wardrobe armor is, essentially it serves as a metaphor to hang onto – a visual mantra to help us handle the ups and downs of life. The big disappointments and loss, as well as the motivations to move on, conquer, prevail and live a bit more happily.

At 28, I knew everything. At 35, I had the world by the tail. 40, I got a few hard knocks. 48, I learned the lesson of recovery, letting go of old mental records and moving on. Today, at 55 – that would be double nickels to all you boomers and pre AARP members out there – I’ve decided I know a lot less than I used to. Patience is a better virtue of mine than it’s been in the past. I sigh a lot more. Fight a lot less. And pray all the time. And everyday I go into my closet, I see my warrior outfit hanging nicely in the back corner waiting for me. At the ready, anytime I need it. There’s one in your closet too, women. You just have to find it.

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Miracle Worker

Continuing my series on treating mental health disorders, I’d like to introduce you to Dr. Tara Peyman. She is one of the most sought after doctors in the world when it comes to a natural approach to mental illness.

Dr. Peyman practices classical Hahnemann homeopathy, which is form of medicine that was used over 200 years ago, but fell out of favor. I’ve discussed homeopathy before and really love this area of medicine. Not only does it do no harm but you’re also not dependent upon taking a medicine or supplement forever. Based on the law of “like cures like,” it stimulates your own body to heal itself without side effects. I have witnessed over and over the power of this type of medicine. I had the chance to observe Dr. Peyman in her own practice helping patients who were either heading down a dark path of destruction or were already there. Please meet Dr. Peyman:

Cathleen: You have a hugely successful practice. Can you tell our readers about what you specialize in?

Dr. Peyman: Yes, I have a focus in mental health. I specifically have an interest in treating bi-polar disorder. I also treat schizophrenia, OCD, PTSD and anxiety disorders.

Cathleen: What’s your success rate in treating these conditions?

Dr Peyman: On average my success rate is about 90%

Cathleen: Wow—that’s huge considering allopathic doctors have not been able to successfully treat these diseases and if they do it comes with a multitude of nasty side effects. Are most of the people you see on medication?

Dr. Peyman: My typical patient is usually on medication. Most come to see me because they are interested in a more natural approach. Usually they’ve used medications and had negative reactions to them or the medications haven’t been totally effective for treating their condition or the medicine has just suppressed their symptoms. They are unable to really do what they want to do in their lives due to persistent symptoms or medication side effects. They are feeling either blunted in their moods or can’t feel emotions due to the medications they are on and that makes them unhappy because it affects their relationships.

Cathleen: Does a person need to get off their medication to be treated by you?

Dr. Peyman: Not at all. Many patients benefit from continuing some amount of medication to reduce the severity of symptoms. One of the wonderful things about homeopathic medicine is that it does not interact with prescription medications, so the two treatment options can be used simultaneously. One important point is that homeopathic medicine is different from herbal medicines, which often do interact with conventional drugs. Homeopathic medicine is much safer, and can be used together with conventional medications.

Cathleen: I hear you have a personal story about why you got into this medicine? Would you be willing to share?

Dr. Peyman: I found this area of medicine based on a personal experience I had. In medical school I started getting anxiety and panic attacks because I was really stressed at the time. I decided I didn’t want to go on medication and because I was in naturopathic medical school I was able to go to the clinic there. I didn’t know anything about homeopathy. I was actually very skeptical of it, but I was really suffering and I wanted to try something so I was matched with a doctor that practiced homeopathy. He gave me a remedy and that remedy totally changed my life. It started to work probably within a couple of weeks. I felt significantly different. I had a dramatic reduction in the amount of anxiety that I was experiencing. I had been having a lot of physical symptoms along with the anxiety like chest pains and heart palpations. I put these little pellets under my tongue that I didn’t expect to work. I wasn’t a believer, in fact, I was a disbeliever. But the experience made me into a believer because it really worked. Bi-polar disorder runs in my family and the medications for this disease are either ineffective or have negative effects. Homeopathy worked for my condition so I became interested in specializing in this to help as many people as I could.

Cathleen: That’s amazing. To me, it’s like a magic bullet. What is the process that someone has to go through when they come to see you?

Dr. Peyman: It’s very comprehensive. I take about 3 ½ hours with every new patient. I take a complete health history and then a conduct a homeopathic consultation. I really get to know the patient and take into consideration all of the physical symptoms they experience, family history, diet and lifestyle. I ask a series of questions to help find the correct remedy for them such as: do they love the sun or hate the sun, are they hot or cold, along with a complete examination and description of their mood and their mental episodes. I put all of these tiny details together to come up with a protocol.

Cathleen: Do you have a case you can share with us?

Dr Peyman: Sure. I had a 17-year-old boy suffering from Schizoaffective disorder which is alternative episodes of psychosis, depression or mania. He would have psychotic episodes where he would hear voices and that would persist and then he would have manic moods with a lot of anger that would alternate with severe depression. The voices that he heard would tell him to torture animals and cut himself and that he was worthless. He would intentionally get into fights to try to hurt others and make other people suffer. He knew it was wrong and felt remorse but felt he couldn’t control it. He felt he was under control of an evil entity and was possessed. He was on a lot of medications including Seroquel and Lithium for mood stability, Wellbutrin for depression, Synthroid for hypothyroidism which was caused by the lithium, phendimetrazine for excessive appetite which was caused by the Seroquel, and Topamax for headaches. Within one week of starting the homeopathic medicine I selected for him, all of the voices were gone and he started to behave kindly for the first time that his mother could remember. I was able to work with his prescriber to taper him off all of his medications. He is currently on zero medications and is doing really, really well.

Cathleen: You really are a miracle worker. If I hadn’t seen your patient population and results with my own eyes I’d think this was too far fetched. Your office is located in Arizona. Are you able to treat patients outside of the state?

Dr. Peyman: Yes, I am able to treat patients in most parts of the country via phone or video consultations. I always love to meet my patients in person if possible, but for those who are unable to travel to Arizona, telemedicine consultations are an excellent option.

Cathleen: Thank you so much for doing what you do to help so many who desperately needs this type of care.

If you want to learn more about Dr. Peyman and her practice check out her website:
Dr. Peyman

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October is Mystery Month here on the Newsladies and this week we want to take the mystery out of your money and put more of it in your pockets! Money is a funny thing and can dramatically impact our everyday lives. If you’re having money problems, struggling to balance a budget or simply to make one, you might need a brand new approach. So what can you do on a daily basis to make small changes that add up to big results?
We found some great tips from the Financially Wise Women Website.
It talks about our instant gratification button that can turn into too much spending and offers ways to change our habits to get into the saving mindset too. Here are a few on the list. And our interpretation of what that means – Newsladies Style.

1. Have a weekly money date. No, this does not mean making out with your hard earned cash. It’s about taking time to sit down each week and track where you’ve been spending and saving. Glass of wine, a healthy dinner and your budget by your side. Now that’s romantic!
2. Wait 48 hours before you click “buy.” Amazon queens, you know we’re talking about. Enough said.
3. Set up automatic savings. It’s like the magic wand that makes things disappear. If you don’t have it, you won’t spend it!
4. Have a financial buddy. Ladies, you’ve got your gal pals you always consult, you gym buddy and your Mom group. So why wouldn’t you friend another side kick in the finance department? Very easy to do.
5. Work more. Shop Less. Easy equation. Do the math.
6. Buy in Bulk. Make your own coffee at home. Cut out the Cable. Conserve and preserve those dollars like you were living in the thirties in the depression. You can do it!
7. Balance out the need to YOLO or FOMO! (You Only Live Once! Fear of Missing Out) As my mom would say ,“Don’t overindulge, honey and get over it.”
8. And finally, Keep Your Eye on the Prize. Set that goal to save and when you earn it, you are going to be feeling fine and ready to buy yourself a present. O.k. now you deserve it!

For more great tips, go to and their article on 31 Tips To Save More Money

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Do You Give Good Vibes?

Have you heard someone say…”I get a bad vibe from them.” It’s a feeling, vibration, resonance and it happens every day. You feel the energy around you, but many choose to use their intellect to make decisions over their intuition. Intuition is your gut, heart, feeling instinct. It’s more intelligent than your mind. It’s the strongest part of a child before they develop their intellect so they are pretty good at distinguishing between good and not so good vibes. It’s only when we grow up we are told to use our intellect over our intuition.

Hmmmm… whose bright idea was this? It’s time to get back to our natural instincts.

The energy you vibrate at is a good indication of what your external word will mirror. Vibration or Resonance means like energies attract. Who do you resonate with?

Just as the sound of a musical instrument in or out of tune, your life will resonate with your thoughts if they as well are in or out of tune.

One of the coolest ways to demonstrate resonance is to use two guitars. Pluck a string on one of the guitars. Now lightly touch the same string on the second guitar. It will be vibrating because it has the same frequency as the string you plucked.

Your thoughts are energy. And just like the plucked guitar string caused similar energy to start vibrating so too will your thoughts. What you think has a corresponding resonance. Your thoughts match up with similar objects and circumstances.

Be careful not to start vibrating at a poor frequency because someone near and around you is. Like the example of “birds of a feather flock together.” This is often the case when we do the work on ourselves to raise our vibration with loving thoughts and actions. We begin to feel as if we don’t fit with the old someones we used to, as they are still vibrating at the old frequency.

You are human. You have emotions. If someone is around you vibrating with a strong frequency you will too. If it is a weak frequency, dis-engage; be compassionate but not empathic to take on their poor vibrations. The fastest way to override another’s low vibration is with love. A compliment, blessing or kind gesture will keep you strong in loving vibration and intercept the flow of their low vibration of insecurity, fear, guilt or anger. It’s not for you to judge, just refrain from resonating with their frequency if it does not feed you with love and blessings.

Remember every thought you have is energy and vibrates, so make it sound like a beautiful song.

Brightest Blessings,


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The Money Game

We are attracted to it. Repelled by it. We get fixed and fascinated on it. We make it. Spend it. Save it. And lose it. We think it can solve our problems, or bring peace and happiness to our lives. We delude ourselves into thinking it will give us more satisfaction, self worth, status and power. Or it’s a means to an end to get what we want and access to a more exciting life. For some it’s a full time sport. For others it’s a tedious game played everyday. And then there are those who fight it constantly and end up losing it all. It happens. Big Time Jet Setter or Big Time Bag Lady. Fantasy and fear go hand in hand here.

Money is one of the most important relationships we have in our lives. Yes, it is. It’s up there with our kids, family and friends. Don’t deny it. Be honest with yourself. How much time have you invested thinking about money and what you’re doing with it? Spent time with it like you would with a person? Lots of hours and days there. Worried, agonized, stewed or celebrated it like other milestone life events?

No, you’re not shallow and being a materialistic heathen – well maybe just a little bit. But that’s o.k. because understanding that having and managing money is a relationship – is actually a step in a healthy direction. Why? Because then you know that, like any relationship, it requires time, tending to, balance and awareness to create a positive benefit for your master wheel of life.

Women, we are wired to embrace relationships and we love them. But when they go sour, or become problematic we can royally screw ourselves and create drama and trauma. We’re wired to do that too. So apply this concept to your money world – especially if there’s not enough of it and a struggle. Are you pretending and faking that everything’s just fine with your family and friends? Still spending and shopping and ignoring the big picture? Or, if you have too much money, are you turning into an excessive consumer, becoming too self centered and losing some of your spiritual, giving side of self?

Then maybe it’s time to do an about face. To take some time to really evaluate your relationship with money. To take it in a new direction. To determine if you are afraid of being poor and not having it or afraid of having too much and not deserving it. Examining your old records growing up from family members and friends that defined the meaning of money when you were young– was money revered or criticized as a bad thing? Ask yourself if you suffer from poverty consciousness or if you feel worthy enough to allow prosperity to come into your life. Sounds cheesy and trite – but just about every self help book out there drills down to these root nuggets on our perception of money and how it’s affected our lives. And why we are able or unable to attract money and build wealth as a result of these thoughts.

When was the last time you had a weekly date night with your money – yes and your significant other too – to assess where you are with your finances? And I’m not preaching here ladies. I’ve done this several times – at the height of my professional success when I’ve had a lot of money and when I’ve been at the cliff ready to fall and lose it all – like a relationship with challenges, I’ve had to come out of the cloud of denial and deal with the issues at hand. The highs and the lows. Not fun. And still a struggle.

You can change your money game and the rules, if you want to. Don’t be afraid to look at the numbers and the accounts. The debt and the savings. But look. Be open. Assess the state of your relationship right now with money. And if you are really bad at it, let someone in who isn’t and who can help turn things around. I know. Reality checks suck! But you have to do it. Know this relationship can change and shift if you want it too. Your call. Your choice. No more pity parties. No more excuses.

And by the way, check out our radio show this week and meet Credit Union CEO Jane Dobbs – a woman who can help you get back on track and into a healthier happier relationship with Your Money.

And now….back to the GAME!

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It’s not my fault…the dog broke the lamp. I don’t know how the cat got out; Jake must have left the door open. If Marge hadn’t called when she did, I wouldn’t have burned that roast. Roger didn’t put gas in the car; now I’ll never get to work on time. Sound familiar? Do you take responsibility for those annoying mishaps that happen to you or do you automatically want to blame someone else. Think about it. You trip on the sidewalk and automatically look at who’s to blame. Rather than acknowledging you’re a klutz, you want to blame the City, or the kid on the bicycle who rode by, or the driver who honked his horn…anything or anyone but you.

There are extremes in the blame game. While some people always want to blame anyone else, even if it’s God, other’s want to assume the blame for everything, including global warming. The social attributions of blaming might relate to a person’s general propensity to make inappropriate internal opinions regarding being a failure, inept, foolish or irresponsible. Those same tendencies might deceive you into crediting your successes to external factors, such as fate, chance or luck. The problem is that blaming or assuming all the blame puts you in the position of victim, which is emotionally unhealthy.

There are reasons we all play the blame game. It helps protect our sense of self-esteem. We all get embarrassed when we feel foolish; blaming someone for spilling that glass of wine on the white rug protects our self-esteem. We use blaming as an attack mode, a way to hurt someone else, i.e. you’re holding me back from doing whatever. We need to justify our own, or other people’s behavior, i.e.; the only reason he/she got the job is because… It’s easier than accepting responsibility. Sometimes, we just plain lie. It’s much easier to lie and blame someone rather than take the responsibility for your actions. Regardless of the reason we play the blame game, in the long run we lose out. It’s much healthier to just be responsible for your actions. Then learn from them.

I’ll admit it; I’m to blame for writing this blog. I would have written about something else, but the dog peed on my computer and it’s getting late.

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Many in my tribe will tell you how spiritual I am and that my vision is through a kaleidoscope lens. Through my continuously evolving spiritual journey, I learned how to connect with my God and utilize higher power for highest good in my own way. I began to see the more authenticly I expressed myself the more connected I became. It was when I began to share my personal tools that empowered me to find deeper connection, that I realized many are confused by what being “spiritual” meant.

My faith wasn’t built while I was in the Catholic box I started in (which I am grateful for my building and understanding of God), but grew after I left the “box” as I call it. I decided to find my personal direct connection to an infinite unconditional love that was surrounding and within me at all times. While I have nothing against connection to any particular faith, I just didn’t need the middle man to connect to higher power.

I have always committed to connecting on a daily basis to unconditional love and began to realize that spiritual people often get caught up in the rules. The rules constructed by a particular doctrine, the rules that were taught by your sage or guru, or the self-inflicted rules that you pick up somewhere along your journey.

These rules determine if you are good or not. Good at being a spiritual person or not. It was shocking to me that so many who knew my true connection to higher power were surprised that I get angry and sad and even occasionally (well more than that) drop the F-Bomb. That I don’t find their poor actions or habits in any way offensive. That I can be authentic and talk about my challenging past that at times wasn’t glamourous at all. It was destructive and painful. But it’s what made me so authentic and connected.

So being “spiritual” is more like being authentic and seeing the divine plan in everything and everyone you experience. Every bully, monster, lover, hater, friend, family member and stranger that crosses your path is orchestrated to get you to grow. When they appear and push your buttons, I am first in line to support you to applaud, scream, anger, cry, swear and say f*ck as much as you need.

It occurred to me when I would meet with clients wanting to heal, it happened faster when they could be all of the above. When they could be authentically themselves. When they lost their connection to the universal higher power because they didn’t fit into the box but still had faith in higher power. Because spiritual people have painful, angry, down days. And even when you are expressing in ways that would not seem spiritual or God like, simply expressing is the highest form unconditional self-love.

This was my “aha” moment when I found others feeling like they weren’t evolving to higher levels because they were having too many crap days. No matter how spiritual you are you will still have a rough day and you will still need to purge your feelings and emotions around that day. As long as it’s expressing authentically and not projecting to another. What actions or words you use to describe it, is your own choice. However you do it is always right. So be love and be authentically you.

Brightest Blessings


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This month I’m taking an in-depth look at the rising problem of mental health disorders. From autism, anxiety and depression to bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia we all know someone who’s suffering. So what’s causing the sudden rise in these disorders? Is there anything out there that can help aside from conventional drugs?

Last week I wrote about using food as a natural probiotic to improve your mental and physical health. This week I spoke with Dr. David Perlmutter, author of two best selling books, Grain Brain and Brain Maker. Dr. Perlmutter is a neurologist from Florida and is a big fan of using fermented foods to heal the brain. Dr. Perlmutter spent his career treating disorders of the brain palliativity and, he would add futilely. It wasn’t until he decided to look outside of the brain that he was able to truly offer help to his patients and provide them a route for healing. Dr. Perlmutter like many others in both conventional and alternative medicine found that the answers to many of our health problems lie in our gut. The microbiome is a whole new world to science and I believe this will be the biggest advancement in medicine in our lifetime. In Dr. Perlmutter’s book Brain Maker he writes about profound healing stories where by changing the gut bacteria he was able to help his patients recover from autism, Parkinson’s disease and other disorders of the brain.

The human gut is home to trillions of different strains of bacteria. Research is showing how these bacteria’s play a role from everything from asthma to anxiety.
According to Dr. Perlmutter our first exposure to healthy bacteria comes when we are born. If you were lucky enough to be born vaginally your first gulp of bacteria is taken while you travel down the birth canal. If you were a C-section baby your first exposure to bacteria came from the operating room and the doctors hands. These initial bacteria set the stage for the development of your microbiome. Other factors also come into play that can greatly impact your microbiome. The biggest is antibiotics, which are routinely prescribed at your local walk-in clinic for the common cold. Antibiotics destroy the good bacteria thus changing the bacterial population and allowing other not-so-favorable strains to become stronger.

So what can you do? According to Dr. Perlmutter the first step is to begin by changing your diet to include prebiotic foods that set the stage for feeding the good bacteria in your body. These foods include jicama, garlic and onions all of which you should eat raw for their benefits. Next, you should include fermented foods (see last week’s article) in your diet daily. Cut back on refined carbohydrates if not eliminate them entirely, give sugar the boot and spend at least 30 minutes a day exercising aerobically.

Finally on the wellness frontier is no doubt a big game changer for many: fecal microbial transplants. This treatment entails taking a healthy person’s feces and implanting it into the ailing person’s bowels in order to reset and repopulate the gut’s bacteria. Before you completely freak out note that this procedure has been used successfully to get rid of Clostridium Difficile referred to as C Diff, a horrible diarrhea caused by the over use of antibiotics. How it works is a healthy person’s fecal matter is either implanted directly into the diseased person’s colon or the feces is frozen and processed into capsule form and taken orally. I know, HUGE eek factor but if you’re suffering and it’s an option that works I’m sure you’d do it. You are now also able to freeze your own healthy feces and store it, similar to banking your blood in case you may need it down the line. The FDA hasn’t approved fecal microbial transplant for conditions other than treating CDiff but expect to be hearing more about this as the scientific world turns to the microbiome for answers and cures.

To learn more about this cutting edge medicine check out Dr. Perlmutters book, Brain Maker or visit his website

Naturally In Your Health,


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The Magic of Numerology is in it’s…

…application to everyday ambitions, family and community, inner self-questioning and obsessive and compulsive tendencies.

Career talents are immediately identified from the number meanings of the letters in your birth name. Even if you have never used your name, have “boy”, “girl” or “baby” on the first record of your birth or just initials.

Numerology believes that the new soul coming to earth chooses it’s name and time to be born, Even if your parents named you after rich Aunt Fannie or Elvis, we believe you chose your character, personality and what you need to learn in this life; your Destiny.

Your first name describes your everyday life. If you have a middle name or more than one middle name numerology explains your emotional self and your last name describes your spirituality and the family genetics that are passed on to your generation.

Part lll of The Magic, the Mystery and the Mastery of Numerology will include some Magic! I’ll teach you how-to learn your basic talent, natural instinct and first impression and your neurotic tendency (obsessive or compulsive behavior that lead to making extreme choices or taking negative options.) from only your first name…or anyone’s first name.

If you don’t want to learn how-to-do-it-yourself, read my dictionary of 1500 first names, You Are Your First Name I suggest when you get the book, you leave it on a coffee table during a family gathering or any party and you’ll have a ball when people read about their own names and the names of the people in their lives. It’s magic!

As promised in Part 1, you can learn to be the psychic on your block now through…The Mastery of Numerology

How to find your or anyone’s Destiny Number

Add your month of birth number to your day of birth number to your year of birth number. Add numbers to reduce the sum to a single number.

Example: Born on October 7, 1932
Add 10 for October to 7 for the birthday to 1932.
10 (October is the 10th month of the year)
+ 1932
Total 1949

Reduce 1949 to a single number: 1 + 9 + 4 + 9 = 23
Reduce again: 2 + 3 = 5
The destiny number for a person born on October 7, 1932 is #5.

Example: Born on March 25, 1981
Add 3 (for March the 3rd month of the year) + 25 + 1981.
Total 2009
Reduce 2009 to a single number: 2 + 0 + 0 +9 = 11
Reduce again: 1 + 1 = #2
The Destiny number for a person born on March 25, 1981 is #2

What is “Destiny”?

Destiny is what you’ve come here to do and to become, We are not born knowing what life has to offer – we learn as we live. The Destiny number tells us the types of people and experiences that are intended to open doors to successful experiences throughout a lifetime.

Destiny, the Life Path, is our purpose in the plan of life.

It’s fun to know your Destiny color. Destiny colors are included in the Destiny number descriptions.

Brief Destiny number descriptions follow…

#1: Individualization
Purpose is to learn independence and have the ability to “go it alone” as pioneering, creative originator, proud, progressive leaders. Keywords: will power, ambition, positiveness and activity. The color to wear to attract kindred spirits is red.

#2: Association
Purpose is to learn to be a cooperative, receptive partner and a support system for leaders: “The power behind the throne” and “The world’s greatest private secretary.” Keywords: needs intimacy, learns adaptability, sensitivity, tact, diplomacy and consideration for others. The color to wear to attract kindred spirits is orange.

#3: Self-Expression
Purpose is to learn to use communications skills – to use words – to express artistically – to bring sunshine, humor, youth, imagination and beauty to dark places. Keywords: youthfulness, friendship and social activity. The color to wear to attract kindred spirits is yellow.

#4: Organization
Purpose is to learn to build for the future – through work, discipline, dependable service and conventional procedures. Keywords: organization, structure, routines and practicality. The color to wear to attract kindred spirits is green

#5: Freedom
Purpose is to learn to be a catalyst for change in the lives of others – learns and profits only through new enthusiasms, curiosity, change, travel and unconventional life experience. Keywords: multitasking, cleverness, adventurer, risk taker and sensual seeker. The color to wear to attract kindred spirits is turquoise.

#6: Adjustment
Purpose is to learn responsibility and to give service to family, home and community…often assumes burdens for others throughout life. Develops strong morals and ethics, Keywords: relationships, domesticity, idealism, nurturer and conscientiousness. The color to wear to attract kindred spirits is blue.

#7: Wisdom
Purpose is to learn to use mental analysis…to learn to be alone but not lonely. Seeks perfection and is uncomfortable with the noise and confusion of commercial activity. Is at best when seeking wisdom, not money. Keywords: mental analysis, refinement, aristocratic tastes, intellect, introspection, silence and spirituality. The color to wear to attract kindred spirits is purple.

#8: Power, Material Mastery
Purpose is to learn to deal with commercial activity, money, power players, business affairs, and to develop efficiency, high ambition and courage to take on major challenges. Keywords: executive ability, stamina, thoroughness, self-reliance, problem-solving and the power to succeed at major goals. The color to wear to attract kindred spirits is mauve.

#9: Universal Love
Purpose is to learn to be an unselfish, emotionally generous, empathetic, compassionate humanitarian – a welfare worker – to abandon all prejudices and to heal, serve, counsel and teach. Opportunities are found through universal love and emotional, artistic, inspirational people. Keywords: romantic, charity, compassion, empathy and breath of viewpoint. The color to wear to attract kindred spirits is gold.

Any questions? Talk. I’m listening.

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Inside Your Head

What are the contents in your head space these days? This week we get inside your head to explore the magic and the mystery of the brain – how we use it, feed it, nourish it and allow it to function at an optimum level. We know through a lot of research and empirical data that toxins, technology and what we’re feeding ourselves as fuel has impacted our mental and physical health dramatically in a negative way. Conditions caused by inflammation have spiked in recent years and often the cause is based on what we’re putting in our guts. So it’s time to investigate and understand new preventive medicine for our brains and body.

So are you ready to get grossed out? Cool. Because on our radio show this week we’re talking about funky fermented foods to help your health and feces transplants. Yes we’re talking about poo poo ladies – and this isn’t a bunch of Bull Excrement! You know you want to know more. Yah, you do.

Tune into our web TV show and radio podcast this week as we share an exclusive interview with reknowned neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter. Our Wellness Newslady Cathleen Field had a chance to talk with the doctor about his fascinating research featured in his new best selling book Brainmaker. And how we can start our own Pickle Parties with those trendy mason jars ladies!

Also this week, check out our other great blogs. If you want to learn the basics of numerology, Senior Newslady Ellin Dodge has got your number.
And we’re giving away a free personalized forecast just for you! Check out the details on our mother ship

And, please take time to read mom Amy Alvidrez’s touching story on her challenges as a parent dealing with her daughter’s health condition. It’s a solid lesson in being strong and counting your blessings when taking on one of the toughest jobs out there – being a parent!

Finally, we’re having a great time this month introducing you to my fellow Newslady correspondents. Go to our about page and find out more about our talented team of women! This week’s mantra for the Newsladies – “Content is Queen.” Royal Wave….bye bye!

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Oh no it’s alive—-and it’s hissing and what—it can solve all of our health problems? We are dialing it back to your great grandmother for an old fashioned recipe that went bye-bye in modern times but has now made a resurgence.  It’s called fermenting —the buzz in health right now.

You’ve all known about probiotics and friendly bacteria.  But instead of trying to get that from a pill or store bought yogurt, the best place to find the most natural “good bugs” is by fermenting them in your own kitchen. Fermented foods contain live cultures and good bacteria boosting superhero status.  With the help of some microorganisms, their sugars and carbs are converted into compounds like lactic acid—the stuff that gives pickles and sauerkraut their sour taste.  The process of fermenting turns these foods into probiotic powerhouses that boost your levels of good bacteria, improving your health and balancing your body’s microbiome. It’s a whole new world as Aladdin would say.

From beauty to digestion to your mental health. What happens in your gut affects every function in your body.  In Dr. David Perlmutter’s book Brain Maker, he discusses the science and evidence behind the health of your gut and the health of your brain.  Dr. Perlmutter believes you can eat your way out of anxiety by consuming fermented foods.  He’s not alone in his thinking as many scientific reports are showing this to be true. By regularly adding fermented foods to your diet, you can replenish the beneficial bacteria that you lose due to stress or other issues.  

I quickly found out that fermenting, though easy, isn’t always for the faint at heart. So enter FARMcurious.  These pioneer ladies have made fermenting easy peasy.  With their kit you have everything on hand to ferment anything your belly desires without the ooey gooey mess and worry of mold and slime.  They even have a hotline to call them for any questions you have along the way. I just had to try my hand, so I decided to tackle fermenting pickles.  Following the girls’ instructions, I put the cucumbers in mason jars with some garlic and dill and mixed up some salt water to cover, put the Farmcurious lid on the jars and then set them on my counter to do their magic.  My first batch I let ferment for 2 weeks and was too sour according to my 16-year old son but I loved them.  If you’re fermenting in hot weather the process happens quicker so for my second batch I only let them sit out for a week and my son said they rocked!

So pick up a kit and try your hand at fermenting. Your body will thank you for it.

In your health naturally,


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If you knew all your fears are illusions would you change? Do you remember walking into a funhouse at the fair standing in front of the warped mirrors and laughing at how funny you looked? You knew it was just an illusion but not what you really look like. The interesting thing is we look into mirrors daily that are not warped, but instead project the warped illusions in our minds of how we think we should be. We only see a warped image. You see your face, body, skin, hair, clothes, etc… as imperfect. Afraid that you aren’t good enough for others. You have a warped illusion of what you were told those things should look like by a family, media, friends or even strangers and accepted their ideas as true for you.

So this image of what you were told is etched into your mind as what you should be to be strong, healthy, beautiful and loveable. This is the biggest crock of crap and it really irritates me. I deal with this in clients on a daily basis. It truly breaks my heart to see what others are doing and saying to themselves that stops them from feeling whole and complete. Somewhere in their life they walked into someone else’s warped mirror of illusion and was told to believe it.

We have all come to a place in our lives where we are waking up and realizing its time to love ourselves from inside out and top to bottom. This realization has been slowly arising in every soul but it seems with so much devastation and destruction in the world lately, people are slowly waking up to the fact that they can take back their power and truly love themselves no matter what suffering they have endured, instead of looking for outside validation to complete them. Their happiness depends on them and no one else.

This happens by cleaning out the disillusioned images sitting in your mind of what makes you beautiful and whole. What it means to love yourself and who you are as a loving kind person. Standing in the mirror and loving what stares back at you. Deciding to wake up to what some call wrinkles, you now see as laughter lines. What some see as disfigured scars you see as battle badges. What others see as fat you see as the best carrot cake of your life.

Changing the paradigm in your mind is as simple as loving every part of you that includes the parts you think are unlovable. Loving those parts is crucial in changing the illusions that are only in your mind and not in the mirror. Love is the most healing drug on the planet so starting today….

Look in the mirror and say to yourself….I LOVE…. And go down the list of all the things you don’t feel are loveable traits. If any of those images have poor images attached to them, loving your fat, scars, lines, hair, clothes, etc… will either encourage needed change due to your love for yourself or it will become more beautiful to yourself each time you see how incredibly amazing you truly are.

Example: If your fat is affecting your health, loving it begins to dissolve all the emotions you have about it and energetically you being to see it either melt away or find it no longer has any power over your self worth allowing you to find a happy weight. Loving your worry lines begins to fade them from your sight and create laughter lines instead.

You will be surprised when you love those things within you, the love radiates out to others to do the same. Don’t be surprised when you get complimented on one of the things you started loving about yourself.

Brightest Blessings,


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Most of us, at one time or another, have contemplated starting our own business. Where to begin for someone starting a business for the first time can be daunting and unclear.

I’m here to tell you there is no better time to start a business, particularly online. Whether you are starting a kitchen table business to supplement your current budget or you have a product or service of your own to sell, sales on the web can be endless. The best part of the Internet is you don’t have the overhead of a brick and mortar store. Mind you, should you currently have a location for your business, expanding to the Internet can greatly increase your sales.

If this is your first business, you may want to consider an affiliate store. Being an affiliate simply means you are selling an item or sending leads for a portion of the profit. Percentages differ from offer to offer from 4% to as high as 75% depending on the product. Businesses are simply using your business to get their name and product out across the web, and many are willing to pay a premium for it. Whereas you are making the fist sale for them, they are going after reoccurring sales, thus they are willing to pay well for the first contact.

There are many sites available that offer different affiliate programs. Below is a link to few to get you started, there are thousands!

I am a great believer in the WordPress platform. It has never been easier to set up a store on the internet. With a self hosted WP site (self hosted is hosting on your own server account. doesn’t offer the flexibility of your own site), you have access to inexpensive store builder programs, SEO programs for ranking, payment gateways, email, autoresponders and the list goes on.

On the radio program Heidi and I discussed the 3 most important steps everyone must take before starting any business. They are research, research and research. Not being flippant, the research never ends in business. You have to stay ahead of those who offer the same product or service. This is the same if you are an Amazonâ affiliate or you’re in tractor sales. If you have ever heard the pitch “get a store up in the internet and never touch it again… ,” well, they have stores that don’t show up in the first 10 pages or 100 results in the search engines. No one sees his or her store and no one buys.

Next time I will show you how to set up an affiliate store of your own and how you can make a passive income for just a couple of hours a week.

Best as Always.

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American Fear

What has happened to America that we have become such a fear-based society? If someone appears different, they aren’t to be trusted. If they’re Hispanic, they’re automatically perceived as illegal aliens. If they look Middle Eastern or have a Muslim name, they’re considered terrorists. If they are Black, they’re identified as criminals. These attitudes have become so pervasive it’s frightening. Have we lost our humanity? This is not the America I grew up in, the America that was the “melting pot” of the world. Is this the brave, strong, confident America that was the envy of the rest of the world? Not when trust is gone and fear takes over.

How can we teach our children to trust and not fear, when we have teachers and schools that have a 14-year-old boy arrested for making a digital clock? Does the fact that the boy’s last name is Mohamed and he’s a Muslim have anything to do with it? That would be my guess. But again, the school overreacted. Not only did the school overreact, so did the police by not letting the boy contact his family, which isn’t actually legal. According to McKinney’s Family Court Act, 305.2. “A child under 16 may not be questioned unless he and his parents or other person legally responsible for his care have been advised of the child’s right to remain silent and request to have an attorney”. According to Mohamed’s father the first he heard of the incident was when he received a call from the police saying his son was being charged with having a hoax bomb. So, if you’re Muslim, our laws don’t apply? Would the same thing have happened if this were a 14-year-old Caucasian boy? Doubt it.

The good thing that has come from this injustice is that Americans are speaking out. The widespread support for Mohamed and his family is something to be proud of. Even the President, whether you like him or not, did the right thing by acknowledging his engineering talents and inviting the young man to the White House. I hope that this outpouring of support can nullify some of the trauma young Ahmed Mohamed went through being arrested.

We need to remember; when we let fear take over we lose. We lose our morality. We lose our humanity. And, we will eventually lose our civilization.

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Welcome to October here on the Newsladies as we explore, investigate and discover all kinds of things! Get ready for some in-depth investigation into the mystery of the brain and the kind of food that can empower it. New medical research out of Florida is fascinating and we’ll share it with you this month.

We’re also going deep into your dream state and getting into the reason behind the “why can’t I sleep anymore?!?!” Our expert offers new strategies to get a full night of zzzz’s and sheds light on the importance of deep slumber.

Is October Doomsday Financial Month?! God, I hope not, but ladies you’ve got to be ready with that backup financial plan. We’ve got some solid gold tips to keep you savvy and sharp with your money matters. And if you don’t have any money women….let’s help you learn how to earn through other income sources.

We start this week with lighter fare though exploring the mystery and the magic of the home makeover and the “he-said she-said” approach – yes, the Man Cave versus the She Den. We go toe-to-toe with our Image Home Improvement Guru Steve Doebel. Tune in to our radio show to hear some great advice from Steve on tackling your home remodeling project.

Finally, we delve into metaphysics with our master teacher and fellow Senior Newslady Ellin Dodge as she teaches us the basics of numerology and how you can forecast your life path and destiny. In fact, this month you can GET YOUR VERY OWN PERSONAL FORECAST FOR 2016 FOR FREE! Yes, we said for FREE! Click on our contest giveaway for all of the details. Also check out Ellin’s weekly Numerology blog this month under the Been There Done That category.

So ladies, get your trench coat, magnifying glass, steno pad and investigative reporter hat on and join us as we explore the mystery, the magic and the metaphysical of life. And let’s see what the month of October brings all of you.



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What You Like to Do

To be entertained. What does that look like to you?

Is it the weekend getaway, big family vacation, the staycation in town with a pool and cocktails? Or is it cracking out on Netflix episodes and snacks on your extremely comfortable couch? Or just sitting with a good cup of coffee and a real newspaper or hardback book?

It could be doing the arts and cultural events all dressed up, dancing your butt off after years of keeping your groove thing in the closet, or wearing your home team jersey and doing the wave at the stadium. Add to the list – fishing, biking, hiking, running, dinner parties, afternoon movies, nature, aha moments and everything else we do to keep ticking, humming and finding that piece of fun, fulfillment or good time.

Everybody has his or her version of being entertained. Or do you keep others entertained? Hi kids! Amusement parks, play dates, club ball, packed schedules – sounds exhausting.

But for a lot of parents, watching their kids is very entertaining. I used to feel that way when my daughters were little and created Sunday Fun Day in our front yard for all the neighborhood kids to enjoy. Games, activities and a lot of sidewalk chalk. Today, my daughters do the young adult version of Sunday Fun Day – which is day drinking at the bars. Yes, our definition of how we like being entertained does change as we age and grow up. Or maybe we never grow up. That’s fine too.

So, this month we start our Be Entertained blog with our network of family, friends and others contributing their ideas to share with you.

So weekend warrior, fanatic sports fan, busy-bee lady and professional couch potatoes — get ready for some fun! To be entertained or to entertain…that is the question. And we’ve got some good answers coming to you my fellow fun seekers in the months ahead, right here on the Newsladies!

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What is going on with people? Overreacting is running rampant. Just listen to the news. All the Republican pundits are overreacting to anything Trump says. Every time the DOW Jones appears it might drop, the world is going to come to an end. Most American’s think there’s a terrorist around every corner. A man shoots a driver for cutting him off on the freeway. Just the other week a teacher, a principal and school had a14-year-old boy arrested, for making a digital clock they mistook for a bomb.

Those are just a few of the recent incidents of public overreaction. My favorite, and the one that should get the big award for overreaction, is the Disney Pop Century Resort. After guest, David Swindler, made an inane comment to a Resort employee, about being able to make a meth lab in the time it took to get service, the Resort called police and had them raid the room. No, the Swindler’s hadn’t made a meth lab. Big surprise! To add to the insanity, the Disney Resort booted the family, David, his wife and two children, and placed a trespass warning for all of Disney’s properties banning Mr. Swindler from entry to any Disney Resorts or Parks. WOW! Talk about an overreaction! Getting banned by Disney? I wonder what Mickey would say.

Did the Resort employee really believe Mr. Swindler was making meth in his room? I doubt it. Did the employee over respond to Swindler’s frustration about the lack of service? Most likely! In my opinion this was an employee, who probably had a very bad day, and decided to “get even” with a guest. But calling the police? That’s a bit much, even for someone who’s stressed and angry. You would think the Disney Corporation would apologize to the Swindler family, but instead according to a Disney spokesman, Mr. Swindler was asked to send a letter to security, asking to have the trespass removed and the company would review it. This is Disney, for God’s sake. I can see Walt turning in his grave as I write this.

Everyone overreacts occasionally, but it’s not a good habit to develop. Overacting is related to your stress levels, feelings of anger, and becoming defensive. Recognize the difference between reacting and overreacting. It’s normal to have your emotions and express yourself, appropriately. The trouble arises when your reaction is disproportionate to the problems.

So relax and don’t let the little things get in the way…especially if your staying at a Disney Resort.

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Numerology understands the past and foretells the future by putting meanings to the numbers in a birth date.
Numerology describes personality, character, self-Image, first impression and career talents by putting numbers with specific meanings to the letters in a name.

Although the fountain of intimate detail and past, present, future accuracy seems mystical, is it magic? No. Numerology is an easy-to-learn system that uses the meanings of the numbers 1 through 9 in various combinations…such as vowels, consonants and all the letters in a name and a person’s month, day and year of birth in various combinations.

After name number and birth date number combinations are calculated, a person’s purpose in the plan of life, nine year and one year cycles, months and days and the character and talent ingredients a person brings to their destiny, is revealed.

Numerology has been passed on from cave people symbolism through the Sumerian culture of 3600 BC on to the Greek humanitarian society of 530 BC when it was modernized by Philosopher/Mathematician, Pythagoras. Remembered by ninth grade students as the ‘guy who invented the Isosceles Triangle.” However, he did a lot more that that!

Pythagoras, ancient Greek “Father of Numbers” was one heck of a guy!

He believed that numbers are within all things……and the modernization of numerology is attributed to this amazing teacher and charismatic Greek teacher/political activist/philosopher/mathematician. He taught that ethics are based in mutual friendship, unselfishness and honesty. He put prophecy and mystical experience on a par with practical living and his destiny prediction may show you how to win the guessing game played each day.

The Progression of Numbers

After divining number meanings for the more self-involved, less community-minded, lower single numbers, one through four, Pythagoras used number five, to symbolize freedom. Five is centered between one through nine, the numbers symbolic of the systematic progression from ego-motivated, self-preservation, to social consciousness, to humanitarianism.

#5 is the turning point number that indicates sensual and practical experiences that makes one aware of how their actions have an effect on others. Five is the catalyst for change that pivots human awareness to higher spiritual awareness.

The numbers six through nine symbolize the steps one takes to expand from family relationship, to neighborhood responsibilities, to inner awareness, to the power to succeed, to universal generosity and attain the greater realization of eternal principles that make men wise.

Pythagoras considered Mathematics, Music and Astronomy the “Triangular Foundation” of all the arts and sciences. He taught his disciples the Theory of Sound and the diatonic scale, by which we tune a piano today. He believed that Mathematics could exist without Music and Astronomy but nothing, including medicine, could be explained without observing their number progressions.

If you wish to learn your Personal Year number and it’s progression and meaning read on. Your Personal year number tells you what new types of people and experiences you will attract in each calendar year.


To find your Personal Year Number for 2015:
Add your month of birth number to your day of birth number to the calendar year number and reduce the sum to a single number.

Example: August 8 Birthday in 2015

August, the eighth month of the year, is # 8.

Add 8 (for August) + 8 (day of birth) = 16.

Reduce 16 to a single number: 1 + 6 = #7.

To find Personal Year add the calendar year
number to #7.

In the calendar year, 2015 add 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = #8
The Personal Year number for August 8 birthday in 2015 = 7 + 8 = 15.
REDUCE #15 TO A SINGLE NUMBER. 1 + 5 = #6.

2015 for the August 8 birthday is a #6 Personal Year.

Example: February 13 Birthday in 2015

February, the second month of the year, is #2.
Add 2 (for February) + 13 (the day of birth) = #15.
Reduce 15 to a single number: 1 + 5 = #6.

To find the Personal Year add the calendar year number (2015) to 6.

To reduce 2015 to a single number…add 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8.

To reduce to a single number for a February 13 Personal Year,
add again, 6 + 8 = 14. Reduce 14 to a single number 1 + 4 = #5

The Personal Year number for February 13 in 2015 is # 5

Its fun to know: Your Personal Year number meanings…

…we live in nine-year cycles of experience and begin the process again. We begin our focus on new goals and make changes in a #1 Personal Year and reach a polish and skill of performance, realize that we cannot progress, conclude commitments and prepare for change by letting-go of the people and experiences that are no longer necessary for our growth in the ninth year of the cycle. The year number, after a number nine Personal Year is a number one.

In a #1 Personal Year we plan and are actively conceptualizing the future and making contacts. We receive responses when independently beginning new objectives. There are stops and starts until at year’s end, we have a clear concept and a plan in motion.
In a #2 Personal Year emotions run high. We are sensitive and receptive. We wait, maintain a cooperative approach, detail plans, maintain intimate relationships, keep quiet and observant. We allow the seeds planted in a #1 Personal Year to attract supporters and gel for future use.
In a #3 Personal Year we actively express talents, socialize to communicate ideas, view the future with optimism and receive recognition and responses. Business combines with pleasure. The seeds we planted in the #1 Personal year come to light and are recognized.
In a #4 Personal Year…a reality check! Organization, system and work are key words. Nothing comes easily. We rework details, stabilize objectives, maintain possessions, budget realistically, build and accumulate assets for the future.
In a #5 Personal Year we see surprises, unconventional opportunities and changes. We actively seek experiences that pivot and enlarge ambitions. We take risks: Receive responses and results. #5 keywords are: freedom, adventure, sex, sensuality and publicity.
In a #6 Personal Year we work to maintain harmony in family and neighborhood relationships, take responsibility for our ambitions, make stabilizing adjustments (and often sacrifice personal objectives), broaden relationships and improve and beautify property. We must be discerning when volunteering or when pressed into giving service. Commitments must be chosen carefully as they must be seen through to a conclusion.
In a #7 Personal Year we strive for inner growth; question, research and await developments. We perfect and evaluate goals and delay ambitions. Money comes in if we do not pursue it. Focus is spiritual and intellectual. It is not material or commercial.
In a #8 Personal Year we actively seek to solve problems, express ambitions, plan efficiently, build, work for money & power and we achieve major goals.
In a #9 Personal Year we achieve self-realization, reflect and actively conclude plans and obligations begun in the #1 Personal Year. We clean out our mental, spiritual and material Closets. Nothing new begins as we reflect, clear the decks and prepare for the changes that begin in the incoming #1 Personal Year.

Your Personal Year number remains the same from January 1st through December 31st for each calendar year. The mood and the types of people and experiences you meet changes in October of the preceding year and the incoming calendar year mingles with the present year number and the new year starts seeping in.
 For example: In October of 2015, the mood and the types of people and experiences you meet change.
 2016’s moods, people and experiences start seeping in. Think back to October 2014 for confirmation.
 More to come next week on “How to Find Your Destiny Number.” Destiny is your purpose in the plan of life.

Today’s wise words from Pythagoras, “Above all things reverence thyself.”

©Copyright Ellin Dodge 2015

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When you’re being presented with a wall, don’t try to climb it. Don’t try to get around it. Choose a different direction instead. It’s appearance is encouraging you to turn your compass. It’s showing you that this direction you have been walking is the end of the road. You are not on the wrong path, you are just ready for a detour to a better path. Pressure, stress and pain arise to give you wake up calls. How you address it is up to you.

Many find endings and closure as defeat. When it’s really waking you up to a new more empowering reality. Lately many have been feeling the energy whirling around making us feel anxiety, nervous, insecure, pressure and down right off. This is the WALL of energy in your life asking you to redirect your path. Everyone is being asked to step up to their greatest gifts and start using them to make their lives better. Living in old worn out thought patterns are no longer working. So we are being given a universal push to make a change. Unfortunately it’s happening in very quick life changing experiences.

We are seeing people passing into heaven out of the blue, ending of relationships, career changes and family dynamics shifting as well. This is all part of our evolution. Accepting the pressure that’s pushing us to release old habits fast so we can embrace love.

What is love? Love is taking care of ourselves and doing what makes us truly happy. You are being pushed to end old patterns that are abusive, draining and unproductive so you can be lighter. When you have empty space, you can then choose to fill it with self-love. Self-love seems to be a challenge for many since they feel it stops you from caring for others. But really the healthier and more loving you are to yourself the more you have to give to others. Self-love is filling your tank with the things that fill your heart and soul.

Ask yourself, what do I love? And how do I engage in that? What do you need and start giving yourself? The old paradigm of thinking is reaching outside of yourself to find happiness and love from others. But it’s a backwards paradigm and counterproductive. By filling your soul you become the beacon of light to show others how to do the same. And you begin to help others by simply being an example of self-love. So the next time you hit a wall, ask yourself what would a person who loved themselves do? Bang your head against an un-moveable situation or do what makes you happy? This will allow you to shift your direction to a healthier, happier and more loving path.

Brightest Blessings,


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You’ve probably been there and done that several times. You know the self-talk routine with your interior body critic?

“I feel fat. I’m bloated. These jeans are really tight. Hey, when did my arms get chubby? I will never wear a bathing suit again. Wait, I’ve matched my top pregnancy poundage, say what? Up three sizes from my fighting wedding dress weight? Crap! I haven’t worn a belt around my waist since the 90’s. Does my butt look big? Hi thighs – uhh, why are you suddenly touching each other? You know, I would be so much happier just five pounds thinner. Ten pounds lighter. O.k. 30 lbs has gotta go. It’s Monday. I’ll start a healthy diet. I’m going to exercise. I’ll join a gym. Do a weight loss program. In the meantime, I think I’ll have a snack and take a nap!”

Women, why are we so constantly dissatisfied with our body weight and why do we keep trying to attain that look from our best of years or from the Celebrity Super Model? Crazy!

Time to talk about the I Feel Fat Syndrome this week on our radio show and go in session with our Newslady psychotherapist Duffy McMahon on the real reason we are resisting losing weight. The answer will surprise you.

Also fix my finances is on our Three F’s Show list this week so I called in a favor from my gal pal Oprah and she called her buddy Dr. Oz who did a show on financial health with his money expert who said it’s all about your financial maturity. So we’ll have more on their best get out of debt tips.

And finally, you’re feeling frumpy and have become a FASHION FUGITIVE!!
Time to let go of some of those dated clothes and schlumpy outfits.

Never fear, the Newsladies are here to inspire you to go from feeling DRAB to FAB and discover your new style, no matter what your age.

So tune into our radio show this week as we tackle the three F’s….hey we didn’t even touch the other big F word….FAMILY. Oh that will happen in the weeks to come.

So women, this week feel good about you and be less critical of your exterior image, walk with swagger on the catwalk of your life and chill on the spending – a few easy steps to fight the 3 F’s and tap into the fabulous you!

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