Drama Detox in Love

“I want to find a loving partnership”… are the words expressed daily from someone you talk to. You know someone single, divorced, widowed and yearning for a partner to share life with. There is every kind of dating, meeting and social group out there to help in the process, yet many seem to be miserable in or out of their partnerships. We are in a partnership crisis like we have never seen. 50% of marriages fail and an even higher percentage fail on second and third marriages. We have lost our reason and purpose for being in the partnership. We want the feeling it gives us but we neglect to look at the reason we are failing miserably to make them work. Now I can give so many angles to this post today but I will focus on the simplest reason and share more in a future post.

If you were to ask “What is love?”… you would get a multitude of answers to match every person asking it.

It’s different for everyone in how they were taught as a child. But yet, we all want it and we want our version. Why are we so intent on falling in love when it seems to be the one thing that truly blinds, debilitates and wounds us? Daily I see some wounded post on social media about love and getting hurt. Yet, we continue to walk the path seeking it around every corner and alley.

Are we poor learners? Are we completely disillusioned by it? Are we that forgetful of the pain it caused? This is the fascinating part of love. We keep trying because it’s who we are in our souls. What we are all seeking is not something you get or give, love is something you are. We are seeking the mirror of our own loving capacity. We seek to find another who can allow us to just BE. To allow the love we are capable of expressing when we are vulnerable, weak, tired, fearful and overwhelmed. That person who sees past our superhero persona into our soul. The part of us that questions our dreams and visions and still your partner believes in you when you don’t believe in yourself. Because the state of you just being is greater in their eyes than the shell you share with strangers.
This love that we are all in search of, it seems is being confused with what we are really in search of…Trust and Respect. The more trust and respect you have from another, the more you believe in yourself to accomplish all that your soul is here to be.

As time passes the more trust you have the greater and deeper the love becomes. As trust builds, the love you see in them makes their faults and weaknesses become subdued or even non-existent. Weaknesses are no longer seen as weak but real and simply character traits of their true being. They wouldn’t be the person you love if they didn’t have silly quirks that only you know. They hand you their vulnerability with complete and utter trust that you won’t judge. They are being in a whole and complete state with you and you know this is happening only because they trust you.

To attract this partner, you have to trust and respect yourself in the process. Like energy attracts -> like energy and if you lack trust in yourself you will attract the same partner with similar trust issues. When you don’t love yourself, you tend to look for another to fill that which only you can fill. Trust that you are willing to fill your soul and its needs to the fullest so you can attract someone who will do the same. It requires two people willing to communicate that this is their top priority and each will support the other in fulfilling it. That conversation is where trust starts.

Stop trying to fall in love and start looking for trust. Trust is the space that feels calm and centered. Its peaceful and has less extremes. When you trust someone, you begin to act like yourself as a whole and complete person. You are then safe to be the loving being you truly are and express it without fear but with joy.
Brightest Blessings

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I’m Ellin Dodge

I’m Ellin Dodge a mature (that means “old-er” – still-growing) senior, when I look at my history of life experiences, there’s little I didn’t try to do, few designers I didn’t wear, few bad-boys and nerds I didn’t date or marry and few bright ideas that didn’t stretch my budget or put me on a financial freeway. It seems that the saying there’s nothing permanent in life but change really rocks.

Currently author-numerologist, daily blogger and for over forty-five years advisor to industry stars worldwide. (So why won’t my children listen to me?) It seems I’ve been there and done that whenever something new hits the news. I’ve never been short on opportunities to get enthusiastic about something, dive in head-first and find out later how detailed, complex and slow-moving achievement really is. I’m the Newsladies voice of eighty-two years of life experiences.

There have been incarnations a-plenty! Businesses, marriages, motherhood, the limelight and the shadows. My resume lists ex-Dior model, ex-newspaper editor/publisher, ex-1960’s to 90s civil rights activist, ex-Aquarian-Age seeker, ex-PTA president, ex-1970’s administrator of the NYC Silva Mind Control Center, ex- retail liquor store owner, ex-teacher of writing for publication and numerology, ex-opera league board member, ex-gambler, ex-cruise ship lecturer, ex-stand-up comic, ex-cougar, ex-trophy-wife, happy ex-wife…and as I think about it – I have too many ex-es to mention.

My Newsladies adventure as “a mature senior who has been there and done that” is yet another confirmation that life is the show, not the rehearsal and I intend to keep the curtain up and the show on the road.

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Listen up Ladies. Did you know you are the powerhouse search engine when it comes to money moves, financial decisions and purchasing power in America? Yes, that would be you! But you’re saying to yourself, then why do I feel broke, on a tight budget and not getting ahead? Well one reason is the fact that most women like to spend money. Yes, we can save, budget and manage household finances but a little guidance and help along the way from the financial professionals can also help grow our money tree, right? That’s why we’re devoting a good chunk of time and energy here on the Newsladies reaching out to the money pros to help us understand our relationship with money, how to grow our wealth or to hang onto it long enough before we need to buy that next pair of absolutely, must have hot shoes!!!! So get ready for your daily dose of money talk and more in our designated blog space. In the meantime, check out these interesting stats from sheconomy.com on the purchasing power of all things female!
Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care:
91% of New Homes
66% PCs
92% Vacations
80% Healthcare
65% New Cars
89% Bank Accounts
93% Food
93 % OTC Pharmaceuticals American women spend about
$5 trillion annually…
Over half the U.S. GDP
*source www.she-conomy.com
Women represent the majority of the online market
Digital Divas By The Numbers

• 22% shop online at least once a day
• 92% pass along information about deals or finds to others

• 171: average number of contacts in their e-mail or mobile lists

• 76% want to be part of a special or select panel
• 58% would toss a TV if they had to get rid of one digital device (only 11% would ditch their laptops)

• 51% are moms

Source: Mindshare/Ogilvy & Mather

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It’s bumpy and uneven. It’s a smooth ride with an exciting, fast bend in the road. Memories and moments flying by us in our peripheral vision. People coming in and out of the car along the way.
It’s an up and down climb to the nowhere of frustration. A fall to the ground and the pain of rough gravel. We pick ourselves up and start walking again. Feeling better. Then we reach that fork that forces us to change our path with fear or faith that everything will or won’t work out okay. But we keep going and finally, hit a comfortable long stretch of the highway. And settle for awhile. Until the scenery or the road changes again. Then we finally reach the summit and bask in the sunlight of achievement or quiet victory. Then we get bored or restless again and want to get back on the trail and keep running. Or we simply decide to be, age and sit still.

This is the life journey. Our experiences as we travel through the good, the bad, the ugly, the fun, the sad and the rush of very happy. Living our lives and sharing our experiences and stories is what we’ll be doing a lot of here at the Newsladies gathering place. Women, and yes our men too, will be contributing stories and articles as guest bloggers. Life moments we can all relate to as we travel this road we call life. So enjoy the many different points of views coming your way in our Your Life Blog.
Happy Travels Friends, wherevery your road takes you.
The Newsladies

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Welcome Women, to a new gathering place to share your life stories and to talk about the news that matters to you! I’m Heidi Foglesong a longtime media personality and host of Newsladies. When I left television news in my thirties, I remember feeling a sense of dissatisfaction with the way news was being delivered and how irrelevant much of it seemed to be in relation to my world. Inane and silly, even though I was one of the perkiest anchor heads robotically delivering those sunny one liners. I remember my gut telling me at the time – you know, that little inside voice we often ignore – there has to be a different way to connect and do a better job sharing the news that matters to viewers, especially women. Well time has flown by since that first epiphany, and a lot’s happened along the way.

I’m a middle aged baby boomer who’s raised children, reinvented myself professionally at least five times, married, divorced and remarried, dealt with family joys, struggles and aging loved ones. I’ve felt fabulous and accomplished, as well as frumpy, fat and bored. I’ve gone from career driven and ego centric It girl, to humble lady – wiser and grateful for the gifts and people surrounding me in my world today. It’s all part of our life journey as women , enjoying the good, the fun, the fulfillment, the drama, the crap and the what’s next. Sharing and reporting these kinds of stories is what the concept of Newsladies is about – you and I and anyone else who enters our room of life.

So tune into our new media platform, Newsladies anytime you want on your schedule. We’ve got a lot to talk about ladies. And remember, we’re listening. To you.

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You have finally committed to the business you have always wanted to run. You have the plan in place, the product to sell, the space to lease and the website…Crap, the website.

There is so much involved in marketing online, first off you need a webpage. It’s no longer as easy as having your sister-in-law’s brother’s friend’s nephew put a site up for you. The search engines, primarily Google, have criteria that have to be met to in order to get listed in the search results. If you don’t meet or exceed these requirements you will face algorithm penalties and your site may never see the light of day.

Which brings me to companies that create websites and offer SEO. We have been in the biz for quite a while and at times, some of these companies’ practices make me cringe. You need to investigate any company you use and make sure they can produce as they profess. You don’t need someone learning the business on your dime. A good filter is to search companies online. See which ones come up on the first page of Google. Not the second page or the fifth … if an SEO company can’t get their own site listed on the first page of Google, what are the chances they will get you there? We’ll delve further into this later.

In this series of blog posts I will arm you with the information you need to make an informed decision of just how to approach your online presence. We will discuss on page SEO optimization as well as off page and how to determine the keywords that will benefit your site in the search results. I will offer help on social media integration as well as video promotion. I will share why blogging on your site is such a good idea

A carefully structured online presence can translate into increased traffic and money in your pocket.

Check back often and be sure to check out the show!

My Best,

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My grandmother used to tell me “You are what you eat.” If I had only investigated further I might have saved myself a lot of time, money and self-esteem.  You see, I suffered from cystic acne from high school through college.  I spent my life on antibiotics, Accutane and birth control pills all in an effort for clear skin. Today I’m the recipient of compliments on my skin.  Most people never ask me what I do for my skin—instead they just assume it’s genetic, luck of the draw.  But the fact of the matter is I work tirelessly for my skin to look its best.  At a high level, skin conditions like acne, wrinkles, aging, eczema, and discoloration of the skin all tie into what’s going on inside your body.  Your skin is the largest organ of your body and is influenced by what you put into it. The integrity of your gut lining and health of your liver is what determines your complexion.
Ever wonder what happens on the inside that could indicate your gut and skin aren’t in sync? If you suffer from any gut disturbances such as indigestion, gas, or bloating to name a few, you most likely have a leaky gut.  This happens when the lining of your gut walls becomes porous and allows undigested food proteins and bacteria to pass into the blood stream, causing an immune response and inflammation throughout the body.  If your gut lining is damaged, you probably have more bad bacteria in your gut than good bacteria.  Toxins can sneak into your gut wall and enter the blood stream creating havoc to your body and skin.  Since you aren’t property digesting your food, you aren’t getting the nutrients needed to repair and create new skin cells.  What you eat provides the building blocks to creating new skin and a healthy glow. In addition to eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, you will need to heal your gut.  Many of you may take probiotics to replenish the gut flora but what works better is a fermented food source such as kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut or kim-chee. Studies have showed these foods contain more probotics that your gut can easily utlitze than anything you could buy in a capsule. So give it a try. Your gut will sing with joy and begin to produce good bacteria supplying the prebiotics and probiotics needed to nourish your skin on the inside so it glows on the outside.
In Your Health,


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