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October 16, 2017

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  • Getting Down To Business

    You’ve got the New Year itch, right? You know what I’m talking about. The need to start over, refresh, purge all of the old stuff from last year that doesn’t work anymore or is weighing you down. Dump the junk, clear out the stuff, take off the pounds and whatever else is on your tick list for 2016. From your closet, to the trunk of your car, to your overloaded office or cluttered cubbie – you are ready to reduce and start new and lighter. “Less is more” becomes the mantra chant so you [...]

Getting Down to Business

The Nuts & Bolts of Self Awareness. Special Guest Duane Thompson!

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Your Life

With Duffy McMahon

newsladies womens tv your life
  • Bucket List

    I was talking with some co-workers the other day, and the subject of “bucket lists” came up. [...]

Your Money

With Guest Bloggers

newsladies your money

Your Work

With Chuck Manos

womens work newsladies
  • Financial Security Online

    Are you prepared financially? Do you have that safety net to fall back on? Could you use a [...]

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Be Well Be Beautiful

With Cathleen Field

be healthy newsladies news

Be Empowered

With Daune Thompson

womens tv news magazine

Been There Done That

With Ellin Dodge

been there newsladies
  • How to Endergize a Slump

    There are mornings when energy is low and dismal thoughts are high for all of us. At my senior [...]

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Newsladies Womens TV News Magazine is a weekly web TV show hosted by baby boomer media personality Heidi Foglesong. Newsladies will maximize its new media platform by offering programming on line, on your phone and on demand whenever it fits into your busy schedule. We’ll feature one on one interviews, special content segments, entertaining clips and videos, along with visits the man cave to hear from their male counterparts – the Newsmen. Newsladies will be everywhere – in the news room, the board room, the family room and every room of your life. So come on women, let’s talk. Because we’re listening.